12 March 2018

The Human Body ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 11 March 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

The Human body was designed to be immortal. To break the death/rebirth cycle.

We hold an infinity spiral in our energy body that is waiting to be activated, but we have to be willing to move through any psychic attack and not have it cause us to give up or feel defeated.

Many of us have incarnated so many times, picking up codes and different experiences, which help us to gain the self-knowledge we need to know how to advance ourselves.

The negative agendas out there wish to digress us though and so there have been many traps, diversions and distortions that we have been grappling with. To rise above it is to break through the mind-control, social engineering and compromised DNA, allowing the true light of Spirit to stream into the planet.

Every one who takes the step to free themselves of these digressing influences, helps the whole of humanity to access organic Ascension energies.

 We should have enough to go on by now, to begin to activate what has been dormant, or at least feel the willingness to take on the task of returning to ones True self.

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