07 March 2018

The Key to Psychic Perception ~ Lucia Rene ~ 3 March 2018

Source: Lucia Rene

In the early 1980s, I complained to my spiritual teacher, Rama, “Why can’t I bring my third eye online?”. He scanned me. “Too much baggage.”

By this he meant that I had too much egoic structure and it was blocking my ability to see. Rama’s theory was everyone is born with psychic abilities, but our cultures teach us to disbelieve in them, and train us to shut them down. He counseled students to eliminate their egos, so their psychic abilities could simply be revealed.

In 1999, while my ability to see had increased gradually with time, I logged the same complaint, this time to Leslie Temple-Thurston. “Seeing becomes much easier”, she told me, “once you’re well versed in polarities. If you can identify the polarities someone is holding, it’s pretty simple to read their field.”

I really had to ponder this. I was just beginning my exploration of emotional processing at the time and it took me awhile to appreciate her advice.

But with time, as I learned to name the various polar opposites (arrogance/worthlessness, victim/tyrant, etc.) and to identify them within myself and in other people, I found it did indeed sharpen my psychic abilities.

And each time I managed to actually clear a polarity from my field, that polarity would become glaringly obvious in other people. (If you are no longer triggered by a polarity, it doesn’t set your egoic structure vibrating when you encounter it, something that obscures perception—so no judgement, simple observation.) At that stage, I could read someone’s field with even more clarity.

Just prior to the December 2017 Solstice, after 18 years of emotional and vibratory processing, many polarities later, and having cleared the majority of my ego, I asked my guides, the Sirian High Council, if it was actually possible for a human being to clear all egoic structure. They answered, “yes”. So I intended just that and, since that time, my journey into clarity, and therefore increased psychic perception, has speeded up considerably.

I scanned myself for what was left. The first thing I identified was an egoic sheath. Egoic sheaths are hard to perceive. They are close in on our awareness fields and most are transparent. You have to really pull your awareness into your core, then scan your field carefully to detect one.

And seeing a sheath is made even more difficult because, as an all-encompassing container, everything you perceive is seen through that filter. So our egos are not at all keen to see and clear egoic sheaths. When we begin to dissolve one, the ego reads it as impending death and will always step in to defend us from dissolving into the unknown.

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