15 March 2018

Vatican Underground Vault ~ Messages from a Star Traveler ~ 14 March 2018

Source: Messages from a Star Traveler

Vatican Underground Vault and What Goes on There:
The Vatican had transferred half of the Library of Alexandria's holdings into its secret vaults underground before the Library of Alexandria was destroyed the other part of the library's collection was secured in an Antarctica vault.

According to current history the Vatican had not yet existed at the time of the Library of Alexandria but with time dilation (time travel) and alterations of time line incursions as well as secret societies and organizations existing long before Jesus was born, an organization that would have been the beginnings of the Vatican could have secretly existed having an underground vault to remove half of the collection from the Library of Alexandria before it had been burned down.

At the entrance of the Vatican underground vault there are moving and sliding panels of what looks like plexi glass but it is a type of other material not built from glass, these panels act as holographic data storage servers housing digitized collections from the whole of the Library of Alexandria, Sumarian Tablets, and other ancient library holdings from libraries that had been destroyed.

The Vatican Vault Inner Library has separate Main Servers which house backup copies of modern library collections and museums in digitized formats that are not accessed through holographic interfaces but are run on computer terminals in various panels throughout the multiple levels of the server rooms, these server rooms are electronically key coded with encrypted access only to Vatican staff authorized to work on those Inner library sections of the Vatican libraries. The Vatican Vault underground base has several different library sections not just one big secret library holding facility that is on the base.

As well there are levels of working offices above the sliding server panels. These offices have white rooms and corridors as well as almost the same type of sliding holographic interface server panels at the staff desks that have encrypted collection data that the Vatican Staff work on. The Vatican archival collections and data analyst staff sometimes wear VR (virtual reality) visors to access the holographic panel glass like servers in order to fully see the various digitized collections in full video/audio type archived scenes that come up in virtual displays through the VR visors.

The Vatican also has several secret underground physical libraries that house ancient texts, scrolls, metal tablets, as well as archival manuscript rooms.

The artifacts that are rare technologies that deal with time dilation, time travel machines, distortion of realities, teleportation, those types of artifacts are stored under metallic like vaults which look like encased glass, there is also electronic security embedded near the metallic vaults, that has motion tracking sensors, cameras for video and audio subservience, in conjunction with electrical trip wires with laser tracking capability so whoever is not coded genetically to enter the metallic vault premises can get electrocuted if they cannot provide the proper DNA sequencing codes to enter the premises where the metallic vaults are housed.

In addition to storing large and rare library collections the Vatican vault also collects advanced artifacts (technologies) which house time travel components, memory engram review stations, etc. Good examples of disclosure TV shows describing what the Vatican underground vault is like are Warehouse 13 and the Librarians which either have different warehouses that guard ancient and modern artifacts which are unassuming looking items actually being advanced technological artifacts from Earth's past, alien technologies, and as well hidden library repositories that guard magical devices.

The Vatican's underground vault had been featured in the various Assassin's Creed movies and video games. The Assassin's Creed movies involve seeing memory engram reviewing stations and time traveling artifacts being collected by the Vatican.

How would I know about the Vatican Vault and office spaces, it is part of my memory recall minus the biowall trees and plants they have similar types of office spaces on the ICC Mars Bases as well as what the Vatican Offices look like but the ICC offices do have the biowalls with trees and plants.

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