15 March 2018

What Does A Liberated Human Being Look Like? - Brad Johnson - 28 December 2018

Source: New Earth Teachings (includes audio with more details)

Throughout the thousands of years of spiritual insight, education and enlightenment passed down from master to pupil, is there a generalized understanding on how a human being who has reached personal liberation may appear to the rest of the world?

A liberated human being is as unique as any other on this planet, yet you will notice certain characteristics (or lack there of) when it comes to one who has deeply worked upon themselves inwardly:

1) They are without passion. Passion is a drive we have to accomplish anything we feel we can accomplish. But when you have sought to accomplish everything, you begin to understand how meaningless those accomplishments are to you. To have a passion is to hold an achievement in high regard and apply powerful action towards achieving it. Once you have done that, the passion dies. It transitions and integrates itself into you. It is no longer seen as separate. Therefore, a liberated human being has no passion within their hearts because they no longer see anything outside of themselves. Their bliss radiates from within and all that is represents that pure bliss.

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  1. I have to comment here ~ this is just plain off base.....but I mean that in a good and constructive way
    Brad here seems a little still cluttered with “old program” especially the passion part, and quiet part, as true passion is not at all linked to accomplishing anything at all and a prerequisite to higher vibrations indeed.
    Passion is a main aspect of love and is part of being a high vibrational being, being in love with all that is around you and within you and wanting to experience and then share that love.
    Being quiet......”sort of, but then not really” as
    noise and vibration is part of the universe and singing out loud and spreading your love & light through speaking out/ interacting with others is absolutely wonderful & certainly not “quiet” actions. Actions make noise, rest is quiet ~ we must practice both in balance ~ action & a rest ~ although quiet time is certainly also wonderful and imperative for spiritual connection when one requires a verbal type of exchange ~ so as always with the new world, it is “both”.

    Also, isolation in nature, Separating ones self from society is only part of the necessary path to ascension as it is greatly amplifies your own connections your seeking to grow, when disengaging from the old program etc ~ the nature part is necessary for learning to connect to the kingdoms beyond the human (animal, plant, soil, crystals & stones etc) once that work is well underway, then is essential to interact at times with others, it is essential in order to help to share your love and light around.....so can spread like wildfire......etc....

    Much Love ;)

    1. While I understand what you mean, I feel that this can be interpreted from different perspectives.