15 March 2018

You Are a Healer and Warrior of Light ~ Healing Energy Tools ~ 13 March 2018

Source: Healing Energy Tools

Ascension is about lifting, balancing and harmonizing your vibrational patterns so that the many facets of your Divine Self can descend and take dominion within your Sacred Heart core. As you delve more deeply into the wisdom of the cosmos, it is of vital importance that you maintain a state of mindful awareness.

Ascension of the mind means to stop thinking with your mind and start feeling with your heart. When this happens the quiet mind produces the most wise thoughts and the illuminated heart radiates the most love. When they connect a cosmic ray can be sent to all that are around you, then you become glowing star energy which you are a part of shine bright.

We are immortal multidimensional beings with the ability to perceive consciousness on different planes of existence. From this liquid density of 3d physicality to the subtlest etheric vibration of ‘spirit’ in higher dimensional realms. There are so many different beings within this realm and also the etheric guiding us, and awaiting our awareness to match their frequency.

Your Lightbody is a gridwork of light and sacred geometry that brings together your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. This body radiates light energy and electromagnetically links your multidimensional self with the infinite universe. It connects you to your encoded data through high electrical currents that assist you in translating and manifesting your hidden talents and soul purpose.


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