14 April 2018

2018 Energy Waves ~ Celia Fenn ~ 12 April 2018

This came via email:

Dear Friends

You may have noticed how the energy around you seems turbulent and chaotic, both locally and on a global scale. Or you may have read something about the waves of energy coming to the planet, or heard about "The Event". Whatever way you look at it, something really big is happening on the planet right now.

Many people are actually feeling these waves of energy as they move through their body and create shifts and changes, and some are feeling "symptoms" that indicate major restructuring on the inner levels. I have certainly felt these myself, and to me it seems like we are on moving through a major shift in the Ascension process.

I wrote about this in my article "The Crystal to Diamond Transition : Reaching New Earth Frequency". I linked this new "wave" of energy to the Indigo and Crystal waves, and show how this "Diamond" wave will lift us to New Earth frequency.

You can read the article here http://www.starchildglobal.com/channels-and-articles/the-crystal-to-diamond-transition-reaching-new-earth-frequency/

I am also happy to let you know that I will be starting a new four part online webinar series on the 22nd April. This is to connect with the 5/5 Star Gate on the 5th May. This "Taurus Gate" always brings in flows of Abundance, Grace and Blessings from the Goddess. In our webinars we will look at how we can not only align with this incoming creative and abundant energy, but how we can be the Diamond Crystal that focusses that energy into manifest creation in our journey on Planet Earth.

As always, you are invited to be present for the live transmissions which include group activations. If you are unable to present, you will be able to access the video recording on Vimeo shortly after the live broadcast on Zoom.

I look forward to working with you online in April and May. Here is the link to sign up :

I wish you all a happy and creative journey in April and May 2018.

love and blessings

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