08 April 2018

Addressing Blockages Through Breath ~ Eric Raines ~ 7 April 2018

Source: Unleashing Natural Humanity

All disease, chronic injury and dysfunction are symptoms of blockage on some level, be that mind, body or spirit.

The great fallacy of our time is that we are victims to what is going on around us in our environment, our social circles, our relationships and inside of our very bodies.

Mind blockages consist of mental thought looping patterns that induce negative self talk, lack of confidence and inability to focus. Body blockages consist of muscle memory pulling bones out of alignment, scar tissues that do not have blood flow, interstitial fluid blockages and blood toxicity. Spirit blockages include stagnant chi, stuck emotional poison and the inability to love yourself.

Every single last symptom of these blockages can be addressed by the breath if you know where to direct your consciousness. The greatest fallacy of our time is that we are powerless and insignificant, when the opposite is true.

Health practitioners around the world who operate in symptom based medicine will tell you that you are deficient, that you were created lacking and you need the help of the outside in order to be healthy, while at the same time ignoring the poisons in our food, water and air and the effects these things have on the body.

Your soul, the spark of life that animates your body has a strength and knowing beyond anything your conscious thinking mind can ever understand. Slip into the stillness, follow the breath into the instinct.

Spontaneous remission happens so often, medical science had to give it a name. This is an ability that you can consciously activate.

The trick is to shift from the frown inside to a smile. Once you know where to look, this is as simple as taking a deep, slow, relaxing breath.

You are a child of God. Who are you not to be brilliant and amazing?

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