17 April 2018

Adversity, Diversity....

Granny Facts
This was posted by Madhav Duggirala, thank you. Very inspiring indeed ("masjid" = mosque).

Growing up and living in a multi-cultural country, I am used to seeing places of worship from different faiths situated near each other. When I was in school all those years ago, we made friends from all different races and weren't even consciously aware that we had different coloured skin. Many of us could speak at least three different languages, easily.

However, this by no means imply that all the different races or religions exist together in total harmony today. Add to that massive migration from neighbouring countries as well as expatriates, it is usual to hear half a dozen or more different languages being spoken in a single day.

From years of mostly silent observation, my belief is that all this inter-racial, inter-faith and inter-cultural strife is orchestrated and/or political in nature.

Oh wait....I'm preaching to the choir.....  :D

We all have so much deprogramming, clearing and healing to go through when The Shift hits the fan in a very open and obvious manner.

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