06 April 2018

Amplituhedrous Field ~ Jean-Luc Bozzoli ~ 7 November 2015

More on the Amplituhedron, the geometrix building block of the Universe, discovered by physicists Nima Arkani-Hamed and Jaroslav Trnka (more here). The first time I heard of it was from David Wilcock in his earlier Wisdom Teachings.

As is David's forte, he ploughed through volumes of research to distill salient points and connect seemingly obscure or random findings. David recognises the Merkaba/Star Tetrahedron as a composition of Amplituhedrons, and reminds us that the Amplituhedron itself comprises 4 Tetrahedrons, which is now being hailed as the basic building block of Creation. (Or at least here in our local Universe.)

And isn't it fascinating that the shape of Silicate minerals (crystalline ~ the Planetary grids now being activated and our new DNA template) are tetrahedric in nature?

Anyway, I digress. Thanks to Celia Fenn for mentioning this video by Jean Luc Bozzoli, whose multi-dimensional creations I've long enjoyed.

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