27 April 2018

Andrew Bartzis: Origins of War Pt2 - Oak Island, Tianjin China 2015 Explosion, Consciousness Strike ~ 24 March 2018

Please listen/view here.

Several topics are covered, with Andrew Bartzis offering details from the perspective of Galactic Historian. This is a mix of excerpts from various interviews over the years with Chris Hale, Lance White, Veronica Keen, Natalie and Debbie (I'm not sure about this last one).

Some highlights:
  • Andrew gives a brief account of the Galactic Historian history in the Universe
  • Lemurians and the role they play in resolving paradoxes and attaining Unity Consciousmess
  • Andrew points out that we can't lovelight the dark into Light, we need to take action. We can't just wave our pompoms at them, cheerleaders don't win the game, players do
  • Oak Island's connection with Hollow Earth; also the location which involved Earth's previous lifetimes, having been used and abused several times
  • Irish DNA is widespread ~ China, Japan, Ancient Australians
  • Hill of Tara ~ leads to master tunnels in Agartha; tunnels are self-generating, thanks to Earth's sentience
  • One-child policy ~ to prevent Sould from incarnating into Soul family
  •  Tiangjin is China's 911, initiated by Israel, the same thing that created 911.

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