04 April 2018

April Energy Update ~ Lee Harris

Source: Lee Harris Energy (including video with more details)


CREATIVITY AND A SENSE OF YOUR PURPOSE are going to be on the rise as you go through this coming year. That will be a general theme and April sees that come front and center once more.

If you are connecting with my Energy Updates, you are probably one of the innovators of these times and there are millions and millions of us around the world who want to bring this innovation to the world. Whether that is through our actions, energy or both.

These are strange, confusing, emotional times, and yet they are also the birth of a new era, and a long slow death of the old.

One of the big things that is going to come up in April is a sense of your purpose. Either how much you feel it, or how much you aren’t. Whichever, you are changing your sense of who you are and what you do in our changing world. It’s a period of review and renewal.
I find that when working in the spiritual growth community the drive to discover and connect with our purpose can sometimes be a way of masking or avoiding our feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.  Not always, but often this can be the driver behind ‘finding our purpose’. The truth is, we are stronger when we allow ourselves to sit with hopelessness and helplessness from time to time. As it is often our energetic undercurrents (grief, sadness, frustration) that are the very energies we need to sit and be with (or learn how to support), in order to rise into the next place we want to go, or way of being we want to experience. We can’t get from A to Z by bypassing all the other letters. Just as we can’t expand and change in life without experiencing some fear or hesitation about our next step.

So if you are an action-based person, or a real doer in life, and you don’t know what to do with yourself if you have a quiet moment, then for you there will be REAL VALUE in taking some quiet moments, even if this is frightening to do at first. 

So when I speak of a sense of your purpose rising for you this month I’m not speaking about a purpose that is masking anxieties like this, but a whole new level. An UPGRADE of purpose coming into your life. And it might look completely different to what you thought you were going to be doing. But it will come with a sense of HOPE, VISION for the future and a KNOWING for many of you.


For those of you who feel stuck in what you are doing but don’t feel that you can currently leave it, consider how you can reinvent yourself. The energy of reinvention with regards to purpose is strong in April. You may be looking to reinvent how your life is going, or what is happening in your family or personal dynamics, and look and see what you can do or create to bring more upliftment to the situation. 

It is a good month to lean into how you can take charge of the situation, rather than moan about how you don’t have anything. If we are in the habit of moaning, it can drive us down and put us in the victim mode for longer than is healthy for our wellbeing. Sure, we all have tough times but too long in the victim state makes us think we can’t create anything. What you have to do when you are in that state is that you have to remember it is going to change, life changes all the time, the relationships and the work situation you are in are going to change. And that you can INTEND, AFFIRM and look for support wherever you can. 

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