23 April 2018

Ascension Conference Budapest: Part 1 ~ Steve Smaly

Came across this just a while ago, it's translated from Smaly's account at the Budapest Ascension Conference held last week. This isn't the approved report, but it gives an adequate sense of what occurred.

Smaly's write-up is here:

Here for the translation:

The following are excerpts from the translated version:
*When Sunday daughters of several nations hand in hand creating a Love Circle and they become one heart in the light of Goddesses energies - which had touched everyone in the room - whether they was aware or not - many people got tears...because some mighty love surprised the long-suffering and tired souls. Cobra said at the conference when it happened "This is the moment what he waited for his whole life" and something begins in history that was born here and now in Budapest. It was not coincidence that the Pleiades chose the place and the time. This was the first conference in the new timeline that overwrite all the previous ...
*If you go, you'll find partners. Cobra said, "I not need followers, I don´t want followers! I'm looking for co-workers! "
*Find Yourself, find your purpose for which you were born and fulfill this goal. Be honest with yourself, get up, at long last You decide about your life and do it what you should do or you should have done it. That's it.
*If you want save the Earth, if you want to do something for others, if you want to give meaning to your life, then you only have to save one person: YOURSELF! And not change others, make others like this or that...The most important law is the Law of Free Will. Until you can´t accept it and you don´t understand it, you can´t do anything and it will be useless for all your actions, words and wills.
*At last stand up, raise your head, you carry a divine quality, unworthy to you all that is causing you misery, pain and unhappiness!
*Don´t search your path in new religion or belief systems, don´t follow others! Be, who you are!!! Feel the words: I AM!

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