16 April 2018

Calling in a Global Downpouring of the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame ~ Tim Whild ~ 13 April 2018

Since a couple of weeks ago, I've felt the need to start calling upon the Cosmic Violet Flame from Source (that's what I called it). In this update, Tim Whild strongly encourages us to call in the Diamond Violet Flame to help assuage the heightened tension on the Planet.

Please listen to what Tim has to say over here. 

Tim also reports that the Pleadians have embarked on a two-week purification process, which commenced a week ago (is that why some of us have been feeling the edgy and anxious energies, compounded by the Syrian situation?)

If you feel this is something you can incorporate into your daily practice, that would be fantastic. I personally love the energies of this Diamond Violet Flame.

I also felt that the Peace Meditation today made an impact in some way. I don't think that very many participated, unfortunately, Nevertheless I'd like to believe that it helped in some way.

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