30 April 2018

Celia Fenn Updates ~ 30 April 2018

 Source: Celia Fenn

Blessings to our Star Families that were so present last night at the Full Moon transmission.

Always there to assist and support as we take this HUGE step forward towards the 5/5 and the accelerated New Earth timeline.

If you are ready....its time to take the fast track.....

So much is now being released and repatterned and rewired so that we can take this opportunity to fully align with New Earth and be New Earth!

It starts with us!


Full Moon in Scorpio and shifting your "Base Wave Pattern" as you enter New Earth frequency:

To day we experience this powerful Full Moon in Scorpio energy, and I don't know about you but today has seemed softer and kinder than at any time in the last month.

Archangel Michael tells me that this Full Moon is a good time to complete the process of shifting the "base wave pattern" and aligning with the New Earth base wave.

What does that means. Well, when we incarnate onto the Earth grid we make an "energetic connection" through the base chakra. If we are traumatized by the birth process and we suffer childhood trauma, this imprints in the connection energies and is played back like a feedback loop whenever we are stressed. It is recorded in the body and along the nervous system and in the cells.

The Earth does not like this any more than we do, as it prevents a clear and open flow of love and abundance between you and the Earth.

So....the recent waves of Gamma Plasma energy from deep space and the resulting fandango in the Schumann resonance waves on Earth have been shaking loose the "base wave pattern" and allowing for a new pattern to be laid down that better expresses your connection with New Earth.

It hasn't felt very good to those doing the process as this rewiring has affected the nervous system. New surges of Earth power pulsations surging along the nervous system have created a situation of over stimulation which has been felt as anxiety and has required some getting used to. The best remedy is to get out in nature and "ground" with those bare feet on the earth so that you can get used to the new energy flows from Nova Terra, the New Earth mother. Also, spending lots of quiet time alone so that your nervous system can settle and get used to the new flows without the disruption of old energy drama and noise.

Archangel Michael suggests that this gorgeous Full Moon is just the time we need to dive deep into our psyche and come up with a whole new connection to the Earth and our life on Earth.

Release fear and anxiety and old patterns of abandonment, and lay down new patterns of love, support, nurturing and abundant flow. The Earth truly wants to love and care for you!

Love and Blessings to all of you on this Full Moon.


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