16 April 2018

Energy: Mine, Yours, Theirs ~ Sloaneriffic Heart ~ 15 April 2017

There's so much here that Sloaneriffic Heart has gathered to help others with energy work. I really appreciated the part where she reminds us to fill the newly-cleared space with a high vibrational energy such as Love, Harmony, Peace etc. This is something I usually forget to do.

Source: Sloaneriffic Heart

Energy - Mine, Yours, Theirs

I see post after post about needing help with ‘attacks’ and a desire for information about what to do. I would like to lovingly share my conceptual perspective in hopes that it will be of use. Reader beware… this is seriously lengthy for a post! However, it is my intent to shed light in an area that only gets some hits here and there and seems so needed. I hope this helps to lay some foundation for principles of energy work, especially for those that might be starting out. I hope this is helpful! And as usual, use your inner discernment.  Much love to you all!

From the perspective of ‘the outside of us’. 

We are all encompassed within a sea of energy and this sea of energy is what connects us -You, Me and Them. We are made of energy and every object that you see or do not see is made of energy. The space in between these energetic particles is called ‘The Void.’ In it’s entirety we are ONE.

Your electromagnetic energy field is a part of your being, even if it exists outside of your skin. This is YOUR space. If there are holes in your energy field, it is your responsibility to learn how to close them. It is your responsibility to learn how to CLAIM your space. You can only be a victim if you allow it. You must learn how and act on EMBODYING your empowerment and your birthright of being sovereign, energetically. We are energetic beings first, because it is the energy that creates form all the way to the physical form.

THIS is REALLY GOOD NEWS!! You are more powerful than you realize! You have control over your being, you just have to CLAIM it! YAAAY! There are many methods how to go about this effectively.

This space you claim can extend to the boundaries of your dwelling space and to the outskirts of your property line. This space can be the space of your entire car and it’s surrounding space that you claim (You can imagine it in a bubble/sphere). This space can also be your office/work area. All and any areas you have stewardship over. If there are other people in these spaces that you choose to keep clear, then it is simply to their benefit. You do not need permission from anyone to keep clear the space you dwell in car/home/office/etc.

A note about your etheric helpers. Call on them, if you need to! They are right there waiting for you to ASK. You must ask if you are wanting help. It is a part of honoring your free will. In addition, even though they are there to help you at any time, NO MATTER WHO you call on for assistance, they are there to HELP you…not necessarily do it FOR you every time. My advice is just don’t expect anyone to keep feeding you milk if you are graduating to solid foods. The point of growing spiritually and becoming a more enlightened being is to eventually be able to take the training wheels off the bike. Come into a spiritual maturity where you are taking responsibility for yourself, not just hiding behind a spiritually stronger being and asking them to do all the work for you, because how else are you going to learn? Yes, ask for help, but you must eventually learn to step up, too. For instance, every time I do a clearing I ask for help. I always call in the helpers that are specific to my path of choosing. What I mean is that it is good to ask for support while I step up to do my work, instead of just handing over my work for someone else to do. If I am to advance, I must take responsibility for myself. Once you realize this for yourself, you will see doors open <3.

Remember, when you CLEAR a space…there is a SPACE. It is always a wise idea to consciously fill it instead of leaving it empty because something WILL fill it …subconsciously. Sure, it’s going to feel really great at first even if you forget, then something will slip into that space that you were not intending and really may not want. You want to be aware of what is there by placing something there intentionally, or you may just find yourself cleaning it over and over. For example, I fill my freshly cleaned spaces with one or more high vibrational frequencies: Love, Peace, Kindness, Flow, Harmony, Compassion…you get the idea. I will add a note here that just because you may clean it once, doesn’t mean you’ll never need to clean it again. There is always some maintenance that comes up.

Let’s talk about fear for a moment. I saw the most brilliant explanation around fear in a movie Will Smith did with his son called After Earth. The only reason I can figure that it got poor reviews its that the ‘deep state’ and the like did not want people understanding that fear is something we can choose not to have, since they feed off of our fears. Sure, it may not be your thing, but I really enjoyed the movie in case you feel inclined to check it out. I feel the whole premise of the movie revolved around this very powerful quote that resonates deeply with me, “The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity. 

Do not misunderstand me... danger is very real but fear is a CHOICE.” Fear will weaken you energetically and leave you susceptible in just about anywhere in your energy that it can work into. I am in no way saying that I do not have fear and have mastered this. However, just knowing this has changed my life for the better, and applying process to clean my energy has helped me make remarkable progress. Fear comes up every time I experience anger or sadness or depression…name any low vibrational energy and fear will be at the root of it. The good news…Fear can be turned into a tool to assist our personal growth! Seriously, it points out where those places to do work are. It points out the places to clear, to clean and to grow. When I get angry, sad about something, it will always help when I am able to step back and ask, what is it I am afraid of? As much as I have a right to any feeling I’ve ever had, in balance, the feelings I have are completely my own responsibility. Sure something on the outside of me may trigger those feelings, but the feelings themselves are totally and completely my own to manage and deal with. The question is, how am I going to CHOOSE deal with them?

Methods of clearing…there really are A LOT out there. Please remember that the most powerful tools you posses are your INTENTION combined with your IMAGINATION, connected with your heart (feeling). This is your creative power to shift energy!!! EXCITING, huh?!!! The power has been with you all along! (Dorothy clicks her heels 3x!) The power is WITH IN you. Literally! This is not limited to visualization!!! Yes, visualizing is powerful, however incorporating ALL the senses, using your sense of touch, smell, taste, and hearing will lead to a somatic experience, which is optimal! Really feeling! Incorporate your emotions, which is the language the universe hears loudest! As you practice this in any energy shifting you participate in (including any meditation) the more effective you become. And the more places you clean, the more quickly you will be able to manifest! This is a skill building JOURNEY.

The Inner Perspective:
There really is not a whole much we can control on the outside of us. The power is on the inside of us to shift. However, as these energies consciously shifted you will notice that the things on the outside of you shift as well. It is really amazing! And when we connect with each other to co-create, our combined efforts are exponential!! I mean like WOW, Scoob! Truly incredible!

Ideally, you want your vibration high enough that the lower ‘entities’ can not reach you because you are ‘out of range’, and if somehow you run into some, the energy on the inside of you will be shifted in such a way that they have no power. You will be in a state of empowerment, instead of victimization and they will be powerless with no place to hook you.

So, now you might be like, “Well, that’s great and all but HOW? What are some of these processes?!?!” If I didn’t know any, that’s what I’d be thinking  I am going to point to a few things I do then direct you to some sources. I would also like to encourage others who have their own methods and want to share to add to the list, please! I do more than one. There are literally countless ways to use your imagination and intention together & and connect with your heart. As you read through any method or process, you may be drawn to some and uninterested in others. Listen to your resonance! This is your intuition speaking to you.

First, literally ask your inner self (higher self /Universe/Divine Source, God/Goddess, …whatever your choosing here) what are some effective cleaning methods for YOUR energy being are. Then keep your eyes open to what comes along your path!

Method 1 - Gratitude
“Thank you Divine Source, Prime Creator for your Love, Protection, Healing, Help, and Guidance! Thank you for wrapping me in your unconditional love and sending me support.” In addition, developing a practice of gratitude on a daily/weekly basis will raise your vibration. I like to write (obviously  )So, I keep a journal. I went to a bookstore and picked up something I thought would be fun to often pick up. On the left page I write the date, what I am thankful for, and on the right page I write the date a year from the day and write what I am grateful for as though I already have it. On some pages I paste pictures that inspire me… for visioning. Works with more than just things…works great with feelings, remember what is the feeling object x is giving you? Abundance, Support, Freedom, Joy, etc…

Here is a link with a bunch of fun ways to incorporate this simple, but very effective method: gratitude-exercises .https://positivepsychologyprogram.com/gratitude-exercises/

Method 2 Grounding  
Will get you centered and keep your energy flow balanced. I like to get still and relaxed, then use my breath to imagine energy flow between Galactic Central Sun, My body, Earth’s core. I also have recently been grounding to Earth’s 5th dimensional self as to move out of the old paradigm. I would also like to state that as I do this, I consider my body to be hollow, as I do not want to get stuck energy in an of my organs. To begin…As I inhale I imagine a stream of energy coming from the Galactic Central Sun to my heart SPACE…As I exhale the stream of energy connects to Gaia’s 5th dimensional core…As I inhale again, I imagine the stream of energy coming from Gaia’s 5th dimensional core to my heart SPACE…As I exhale again, I imagine the stream of energy coming from my heart SPACE to the Galactic Central Sun. This is a nice little loop you can practice for a bit. 5-10 minutes should do it. In a pinch, even 3 loops will help! Work on making the inhale and exhale even and as slow as you can, comfortably filling your lower belly with air first before the chest expands. The breaths should feel comfortable, not strained, not full or depleted to the max. Now for a third step that set a new experience of feeling expansion for me…After the second exhale…As I inhale again, I am inhaling the entire universe, as I exhale again I AM the entire universe. Do that 3+ times and see how that feels.  This guy has listed several grounding-techniques.https://scottjeffrey.com/grounding-techniques/. My advice, there is a lot of info out there, just find something simple that works for you at first. As you explore you’ll find other things to try out later on.

Method 3 SALT!!! & ACV 
A) In a very warm bath I will put 3 handfuls of salt and a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar (you will not smell like vinegar, lol.) I DO NOT stay in for more than 20 minutes, let’s just call it reverse osmosis  Salt will draw out negative energies and toxins. Apple Cider Vinegar will draw out radiation. If this seems like too much salt, then buy it in bulk. It is not necessary to get some fancy-pantsy brand of expensive smelly stuff, even if it is nice. You just need utility here. Some people use Epsom. I do not for reasons of the energetic path I chose, the magnesium in the epsom salt does not mix well for me. If you like it, use it. 
B) If I am in the shower, I slather salt all over and let it sit there a good 3+ minutes before I rinse it off. 
C) get a small dish and put some salt on it…a few tablespoons-ish. Put it in the corner of the room where it will not be bothered and let it sit a few days. It will draw negative energy. Then FLUSH IT DOWN the toilet. DO NOT reuse it, silly! 
D) Those Himalayan salt lamps are great, too! Don’t taste it…trust me on this. ;P

Method 4 Shielding 
This is claiming your space. There are different ways you can do it for your person, for your home, for your car, for your office. You have to find what works for you. This is YOUR space. One method I use for my body…Imagine your body, hollow. Imagine a brilliantly bright ball of light about the size of a gum ball in your center (you determine where your center is). As you gently inhale with your lower belly (remember above description) imagine the sphere of light getting larger. As you gently exhale imagine the sphere getting more dense/hotter. Inhale, larger & exhale denser/hotter. Repeat until the sphere of light encompasses your entire body, about 3-9 feet outside of you. Program the shield by directing it to 1) protect you from any & all psychic attacks 2) set a duration. I usually do 3-7 days. 3) Allow negative energy to escape. Remember we all get angry, sad, etc…that must be able to get out and not stay trapped in the shield with you. Also this will weaken the shield, so remember to reinforce the shield. 4)state that it is strong and nothing can destroy it. 5) You and only you are able to re/de/program it. 6) Say thank you! This is a mesh of a few different shielding methods I learned over the years. I can’t recommend this book enough: Practical Psychic Self Defense For Home and Office By Master Choa Kok Sui https://www.amazon.com/Practical-Psychic-Defen…/…/B0043FPQAW. If you feel inclined, there are Pranic Healing workshops that teach this too. I like going to see Stephen Co pranic-psychic-self-defense. He’s fun! You can use similar method for your home/car/work space.

Let’s talk about physical tools. When shifting energy any tool you use is an extension of YOU. The power is not in the tool. The power comes from you and the tool is a mere EXTENSION of yourself. Even an axe has no power without a weilder. And no, there is no axe involved here…just an example.

Shielding using crystal grids. There are tons of recommendations out there. Personally, I choose something rather simple and very effective. If you don’t know what Orgone or who Wilhelm Reich is, I strongly recommend you read up on this amazing discovery that was, of course, smothered by The System. This is an easy to read synapsis of the basics: https://orgoniseyourself.com/orgonit…/a-history-of-orgonite/. I will also add, you may find all sorts of very beautiful and effective orgonite creations for sale, and they are lovely to have, however, I am again going to stress utility here. They do not have to be pretty to work well. In the corners of my room/house/office, I place mini ‘tower busters’. In between, to make their grid connection stronger, I place sticks of selenite (very affordable) crystals. I place a regular sized Tower Buster over my electrical box. If you have a smart meter, place some orgonite there, too. Place some orgonite next to the computer screen/machine. Place one next to the television. Some people wear them as pendants. I keep a tower buster in my back pack and in my car. You can make a grid in your car if you like. You can do the same with your property. For my property I bought Black Tourmaline to create a grid with. I’m not going to go into the details here. You can look up several ways to create a protection grid. Look up what crystals are used for protection, they are usually black. I will say this though, your intent is UBER important when you program anything. You may find 5 people using the same stones to set up a grid and they all do it differently. These grids will be the most effective with your INTENT powering them.

In my search I found some good stuff I’ll share:


Three references that will give you tools to do inner work that will help raise your vibration…

The 4 Agreements- Don Miguel Ruiz- https://www.amazon.com/Four-Agreements-Practic…/…/B005BRS8Z6

Warrior Goddess Training - HeatherAsh Amara https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2…

KUNLUN System: The Path of Inner Alchemy Leading to the Truth Within- Max Chrisiensen https://www.amazon.com/KUNLUN%C2%AE-System-Al…/…/ref=sr_1_1…


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