08 April 2018

Feeling The Cosmic Energies ~ Celia Fenn ~ 7 April 2018

I'm not in South Africa but I certainly am feeling this. As mentioned in the last SR update, it was rough. A bit better today but still intense.

Source: Celia Fenn

The Schumann Resonance hit 639 here in South Africa yesterday as it peaked another wave. (Don't worry...elsewhere it was mostly below 200). 

And then we are now facing onto a major hole in the Sun's magnetic field that will be sending a stream of solar wind to the Earth arriving tomorrow.

So more intensity.

My physical body is really taking a lot of stress right now.

With this intensity and physical stress my sleeping and eating patterns are disturbed and erratic. And uncomfortable. 

These waves of deep Cosmic energy are part of the ReGenesis process, rewiring the transmission of energy pathways in our bodies and rewriting deep codes in the cellular DNA so that we can evolve into the Luminous and Galactic Beings that we are. Cosmic Diamonds that radiate pure light and create and manifest with that light.

So be kind to yourself if you are in this process, and look after your animals who are also feeling these waves in their bodies.

Much love to all of you!


  1. This has not only affected my sleep patterns and eating habits but I have been dizzy for the last several days. Thank you for the update.

    1. Yes, the dizziness and heat surges can get very disconcerting. Blessings