12 April 2018

Gender ~ Magenta Pixie ~ 11 April 2018

Source: Magenta Pixie

So many believe that transgender individuals are the product of a 'dark agenda' in order to confuse humanity about their gender roles.

Yes, there is truth in this but EVERY system is hijacked, not just gender identity.

There is another side to this. As we 'go galactic' we enter a society of so many different types of human & other lifeforms that we cannot even conceive of at this time. MANY starseeds have incarnated as transgender or gender neutral or LGBTQ or have beloved family members within this category. There is no 'normal' when you go galactic.

Change is all embracing and acceptance is one of those keys to change. Transgender and other 'different' and 'unique' individuals are here to teach us the keys to going galactic (activating the 12 strand crystalline DNA formation) which are acceptance, unconditional love, compassion and unity.

People say transgender is 'not natural' as God made 'male' and 'female' yet this is another misunderstanding of creation. This is about frequency.

Physical gender is only one expression of divine frequency, this manifests in many forms. If we cannnot accept transgender & LGBTQ here on Earth how will we accept the 'third gender' or 'both genders in one' or 'no gender' or even 'no body' within the beautiful, intelligent and fascinating galactic society we are entering into?

You wish for spiritual evolution and ascension? Then consider the sacred keys of acceptance, unconditional love, compassion and unity and what they mean to you

Magenta Pixie

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