14 April 2018

Global Detox ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 13 April 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

We are going through a global Detox.

Things may still feel heavy. Difficult news may still present itself. There is a healing crisis that occurs when one is detoxing something really toxic, but because Unity, Truth, Love and Wisdom are spreading and we have already laid down a foundation for Community and camaraderie, as we navigate through the madness, we witness a massive purging -- an Alchemical process that changes the substance down to the cellular level.

Waking up for people is painful, we may feel increased sensitivity to the vibration of pain around us - but after every detox, even though you may feel sicker while you are in it, because it also lights up old issues ~ When you get to the other side one is light, transformed and clear.

Many more people will soon be ready for the next phase in this unfolding saga, riding waves of Ascension in a World where real evils do exist, that are now being eradicated from being able to hold any real power or authority in the World. It feels like it is moving at snails pace, but we hold the psychic and Spiritual power to guide it. No matter what happens in the outer World, we need to know this. With focused intention our creative energy can take the helm now and sail this Ship of Humanity to better shores!

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