11 April 2018

Higher Self Protocol 1 ~ We Love Mass Meditations ~ 10 April 2018

Source: We Love Mass Meditations

In this article, we are going to introduce a protocol that can assist people on this planet to utilize the connection to their Higher Selves, and to anchor light to their physical selves in such a way that balance and Harmony is flowing in all planes of existence.

First of all, let us give a brief introduction of what the Higher Self is.

Your Higher Self 

One of the most healing vibrations to bring in is the energy of your Higher Self. Each of us has a Higher Self that offers guidance and wisdom beyond the limitations of our ego personality. Your Higher Self is your own authentic energy, it provides access to your own information and answers, and it still gives you room to be real with your emotions. The vibration of your Higher Self is ideally suited to your unique body. Whereas the vibration of foreign spiritual beings is often stressful on your physical body, letting your body become a vessel for your Higher Self is safe and healing for you.

Developing Awareness 

If you would like to become more aware of this phenomenon, start to watch when others are running an energy that is authentic and true to them. Also, notice when others are running a vibration that is not authentic to them. At these times, they may be hard to connect with, behave out-of-character, or use the pronoun 'we' excessively. The best way to develop awareness of your own energy is through aura, meditation healing and energy readings. As you become more conscious of yourself, you can choose to continually retune yourself to high, healing vibrations...like the energy of your Higher Self.

When you act in each present moment with full awareness you are able to understand the idea of how you can start guiding energy with the help of your Higher Self. As you work with light and sound within your own vibratory field, you are able to enhance the intent of your energy field and thus have an effect on that which you are holding a space in your heart for.

The situation that you wish to become better, for example: healing to yourself, your loved ones, the planet etc. will then flow in harmony as you are using your own mastery and vibratory field of consciousness.

When we connect with each other’s Higher Selves we allow our hearts to connect, and heart energy connection is one of the most powerful tools to become a master of energy and to have a good connection with your Higher Self. Collaborative meditation improves the collective intent and enhances the outcome of any situation. Positive electromagnetic fields of resonance within the auric field creates positive vector equilibrium spheres (merkabah) which then form part of the larger flower of life grid that surrounds this planet. You may visualize many souls on the planet in their Light bodies, also known as the merkabah, while meditating together and see them all forming a light that is larger than the planet, then visualize the light enfolding throughout the planetary grid.

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