15 April 2018

Incarnation Anxiety: The Root of Chaos & Fear? ~ Celia Fenn ~ 13 April 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

What if.......all the chaos and fear on our planet could be traced back to one thing....
Incarnation anxiety...and the way we are birthed on the planet.

Imagine that you leave home through a pristine diamond portal having been sent off in a loving way, and you arrive here on Earth and there is no one to receive you but lots of yelling and screaming and pain and bright lights and strange smells and you are roughly handled. 
 Would you not be filled with fear and anger and confusion. 
Would you not think Earth was a violent and dangerous place and would you not keep playing that out?

Now imagine if you were received on Earth by a "Portal Keeper" who supervised your birth process and made sure that you were welcomed in a gentle and loving way. Would you not feel loved and well received onto a safe and supportive planet?

I was talking to someone recently about how the Diamond children have come to teach us also how to birth high frequency beings so that they do not fall into fear and confusion and inner child trauma the moment they arrive on Earth.

We have much to do to set up this kind of incarnation experience for these incoming souls and to heal our own difficult experiences so that we can all feel loved and supported on Earth.

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