09 April 2018

Laura Eisenhower Spiritual Teachings: Harnessing Archetypal Energy for Ascension ~ Laura Eisenhower & Teresa Yaranos ~ 20 March 2018

 Many topics covered here, but I will mention a couple that I would like to highlight.

One is the need for us to move past the 7-chakra limitation and into Galactic Chakras to help us progress further on our paths. Connecting and activating with our Galactic Chakras will change the vibrations of our 7 chakras. However, when we move into our 8th and 9th  ~ the Infinity Spiral, which is when we start to get crystalline ~ that's when the psychic attac s occur as they wish to keep us looped and closed in our 7-chakra system to prevent Ascension. This is when most will feel like giving up because negative events begin to set in with the attacks.

Applying essential oils at base of neck helps ~ this is where we are implanted.

10th, 11th and 12th ~ Avatar Consciousness, as held in the Lyran system. This system, although holding a powerful consciousness, was attacked by Reptilian energies because by then the differentiation between Feminine and Masculine energies had separated them more and more from the Mother Principle.

This is why the 13th Gate had to come in. This is the core of the Planet and Mother Gaia, and links to zero-point energy. Our 12-strand DNA ~ Christ Consciousness ~ will eventually come online, but we need to have our strong connection with the Mother Gaia, which will also protect us from further attacks. 

Since the 13th Gate is ruled by Chiron (the wounded healer), the key to these higher chakras (from 8th onwards) is looking and healing our traumas. This is why trauma is constantly generated by the control system.

Ascension Cycle was 2000 - 2017 for Stellar Activation which is about knowledge and understanding (I personally felt so strongly that The Event would occur in 2017) and now we've mover into a cycle of embodiment, the crystalline phase. This is when Spirit starts to hold dominion over Matter, and having reversals corrected, such as the Pentagram through the availability of Ether. This correction allows Source energy to come in more easily to purify us.

Ascension is an organic process and it's not something that we need to strategise or figure out ~ we simply need to be in alignment. "It's a done deal" but we need to align with its energies.

Please listen here.

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