17 April 2018

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 16 April 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

As Multi-Dimensional beings with an energy body, Aura and physical vessel, we hold all Harmonic Universes in our DNA.

To access them means that we restore ourselves to our full potential and that comes through gaining enough self-knowledge to begin to know that the true Grail quest is of Sacred Union. This restores the Tree of Life which is our true DNA template.

The Grail quest is an inner journey into our Soul, where trials and tribulations become a rite of passage, uniting all these levels of ourselves, levels that our minds may have separated, which has kept our DNA limited in expression. That was an intentional targeting and agenda, to keep us small and easily controlled.

The Soul is a Chalice for Spirit. Christ dwells in the Cup - the Mother womb, creating and birthing higher dimensional landscapes to heal Earth and humanity. When we find our inner Grail, we do this too and become a part of a Unified field that exists beyond the Matrix programs, that are designed to tear relationships and Love a part.

The Underworld journey is to reclaim our darkness and to purify it, so that Sprit light can stream in. This creates an Alchemical change thats shifts our bodies and awareness into the Bliss realms and clears the physical from toxicity - and back into its pristine and divine form.

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