04 April 2018

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 3 April 2018

There is no doubt to which article Laura Eisenhower is referring. I look at the two opposing views not with a sense of discontent, but from a broader Big Picture perspective. There is much here from Laura that I like and align with, just like there are several points I agree with in the "other message". As I've said before several times, I don't believe that any one source has all the "answers", and even if they do, the answers are not for everyone.

This is a great example of what I've been trying to say about choosing your flavour (here). Just because Chocolate Caramel is the all-time best-seller right now doesn't mean we all have to choose that, too. Go with what you align with.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Hearing some stuff about certain ET's integrating more with human society, using Ascension terminologies to warm up our hopes for a higher Earth. They then start to talk about the importance of Goddesses running more sexual, sensual energy freely (repression isn’t good, so yes let it flow), but with a “Me Too” movement happening and children being sexualized and the high level of sexual expression already out there in the music industry, magazines and Hollywood (cabal influenced), can’t we encourage being Sovereign and Spiritual instead? I do get that those cultures who have been horribly repressed and covered up need liberation, but maybe it could have been worded differently and more focused on the men and them not being so controlling and dominating. Let the women come into their own power in their own way.

This ET group says that when they come and make contact with their Soul families they will have some sacred Union relationships with humans and will be introducing some Polyamory and free open sexual connections. Is this something that is going to be in our face? That’s great and all, but this attitude could be connected with a harmful reversal technology that has been preying on humanities sexual centers for thousands of years, promoting sexual perversions and extremism and repression so we never find balance, just waiting for the time to come and make contact and be our Masters and Saviors, putting a spin on things that could override our own choices that serve our higher self. I won’t name the group, but they appear benevolent.

To each their own, but I am all about the Mother/Father energies being more present, that are nurturing and inspiring and that show us how we can run Kundalini energy for the purpose of being connected with Earth and the regenerative power of Nature, to heal and to remind us how we can hold a Spiritual essence that is pure and guardian orientated, as we then move into finding our Soul Mates, Twin Souls and Soul families or advancing further with them if we are already there. This then allows that energy to ripple out and create a larger Unity consciousness, to rehabilitate the deepest wounds and pain in humanity. Do we really need sexually orientated ET’s showing up encouraging this, when we need healing? Some who don’t recognize the Divine Mother/Father, Christ-Sophia divine template as something we need to step into fully to meet with our galactic families on our own terms?

They may bring up Sacred Union as a means for mating but are there implants and manipulations involved? We are the benevolent races we are looking for. Crystal, Indigo, Oraphims, Ascended Masters who have come back to face these challenges head on are already amongst us. Activating our ability to awaken dormant DNA and embody our Multi-Dimensional nature. Why the promotion of Polyamory. As long as it is not encouraged, people can do whatever.

Not judging it, I just don’t see the necessity and that structure is more an experience but not necessarily a healthy way of life for us to evolve into. I’m just gonna keep on moving through these scenarios and possibilities cause I have another Dimension and timeline calling and that I am on, but I have a thing or two to say to these beings first. Check comments below for information on harmful programs in relation to this.

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  1. To be honest...I am 43 now..I had this vision at 27...this article confirmed it... It may not be for everyone ..but some of us resonate. I dont see it promoting polygamy or sexual deviancy.