16 April 2018

Laura Eisenhower Updates ~ 15 April 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

New Moon tonight moving us into a very Uranian time ahead!

It is a really good idea to meditate and breathe really deeply into it all -- set intentions, invoke guidance, protection and the wisdom to understand the messages the planet of breakdown and crisis is wishing to awaken in us, so that we don't misunderstand and get worse anxiety. This planet seeks to liberate us, but sometimes the process of fully being Sovereign is harder to achieve then we think, because we are accustomed to being attached or dependent, even to things we may not even like that much.

Allow the energies to boost you and upgrade you, but be willing to let go of whatever it is trying to remove. Get prepared tonight!! I have a few more slots on Tuesday for a quickie 15 minute session -- I will post link in comments. Sometimes it makes all the difference to get a drop of clarity on certain matters!


I can't imagine some days how this Ascension or bifurcation is going to look. I know we tend to think that we are moving into these Higher Earth energies as a whole humanity, but still so many nasty and abusive people in the World. I can't imagine some huge sweeping event where those engaged in dark rituals, just climb out of their caves or underground dwellings or wherever they are -- and say, "geeze, what were we thinking??". Or that the darkest of individuals will all of a sudden be cleansed of their negative and cruel BS, for some, they can't see any other way it seems. For others, transformations are on the horizon.

The Light energy is increasing and people will either get on board or they wont. Those that don't wish to go, will be somewhere else, a parallel Timeline, to play out whatever they need to until they know what unity, love, respect and integrity are. If they don't, digression with technology being a means for survival, will be their World as most of us can see.

I can't imagine we will have to share a Planet with such insanity for much longer, and if we do -- we will surely witness -- (as we already are starting to see now) -- the hugest karmic backlash of history. Its not punishment, its correction. The Mother is anchored back into the Earth and its time to kick the kids out that are nothing but nasty and disrespectful, to work it out elsewhere so that good people don't need to be traumatized, threatened, targeted or attacked ANYMORE.

Regardless of dark technologies currently at play, Nature holds the upper hand in regards to her forces and elements. They didn't succeed in some aspects of their Mars agenda and we crossed the threshold of 2012 with more Events, Community and Truth sharing. The most important thing though -- is harmonizing together and those who wish to be nasty and abusive, you missed the point of the gift of LIFE!!!


I am beginning to feel a surge and a momentum as we move through this New Moon into major Light activations towards greater liberation, particularly since we have been navigating so much in the depths of dark ages and shadow aspects of self. Some people don't see the value in Astrology or feel its too locked into time. That doesn't make any sense that Astrology would be associated with time when only one planet really is -- Saturn. We just need to change our relationship with time and how we relate to Saturn, if that is what the thought is..

The only time that doesn't work, is the one that is not a part of the cycles of Nature, the calendar that has been distorted and the programs that tell us how physical density works -- like aging, it is designed to throw us off of true time, preventing us from activating the infinity spiral in our energy body. The changes we are going through, known as Ascension symptoms, is our process of getting this back. Changes are taking place in order to prepare our beings for what can't be stopped - the transition from carbon base to crystalline, It is Alchemical and it certainly isn't gonna happen over night.

We are in a physical body and there will be times to eat, times to go to bed, the time it takes for something to grow, but it does not need to be measured and it shouldn't have to control us - unless we make agreements to show up somewhere and be on time, we can't escape the necessity of time.

As long as we are in the process of transitioning into the 2nd Harmonic Universe, Astro data can assist us as we incorporate the activations of the 13th gate (represented by the sign Ophiuchus), expressed through the Aether element, which allows the rest of the elements of the Zodiac to penetrate into our DNA which hold the elements as nucleic acids, purifying it, which is where these changes take place. We transcend the Wheel of Time that keeps us locked into incarnation cycles. Its a rite of passage - not something you can just let go of like its nothing, it has impacted us for thousands of years.

The planets in the Cosmos, the Stargates on Earth, impact our glands, organs, blood, bones and Chakras, the Earth grids, our DNA -- the more we understand our relationship to it all -- the easier it can be to heal. There is a key and when the door is open, the dimensional levels and octaves of the planetary spheres are able to change in relationship to us and they become the colors on our palate to paint with, rather than the forces that are painting us on to a canvas, cause we aren't in our power or awareness and so are under a form of control, represented by the lower octaves of the planets and those that personify them on the physical plane. e.g.- Lower Saturn - control agendas; lower Mars - dominator, abuser, aggressor. Higher Saturn - Teacher/Master, Higher Mars - Leader or Spirit Warrior.

I am grateful there are road maps and the non-necessity for the road map too, because we don't need it necessarily -- but when we take a car into a shop we need the knowledge to know what needs fixing and we have been carrying ancestral patterns and damaged DNA and we have deep wounds that can be tended to and healed through shining light on them, so they no longer hide in the unconscious or behavior patterns we blow off as needing adjustments -- that can keep us looping, if we don't change how the music is played. I

Its like taking the effort to create harmony in a troubled relationship - some of those more challenging aspects between planets are just like that, and its nice to know which ones may be causing us grief, so we can make peace once and for all and feel whole, balanced and like we are truly Thriving! I am going to continue to offer brief sessions or long ones -- I will work with your budget, if you need assistance during these times. Those that say stay away from Astrologers, its ridiculous to me -- especially if it is used as a tool to be Sovereign and transform with more grace and ease.

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