21 April 2018

Laura Eisenhower Updates ~20 April 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

We just need to allow the Ascension energies to move through us and from us versus trying figure it out or question if it’s even available or go overboard in trying to make it happen or fear it won’t.

It is already encoded in Nature and wants our human vessel to be a conduit for it and a generator, by simply allowing it versus trying to figure out how to get there. It will take us and carry us and become us, but too much toxicity, lower emotions and any form of self harm or mistreatment of others will lock it out of its own house, we are the natural habitat for it to exist because it is encoded in us as well.

We Ascend from the inside out to allow from the outside in, what is most beneficial. If we water the plant and give it plenty of sunlight, the rest unfolds with grace and ease. (Unless you are a cactus or a shade loving plant- so know your needs for thriving and hold space for all you need to release)

The Astro aspects coming up and how they impact certain individuals are pretty epic and challenging -- the worst part would be feeling like we are alone in this.

So my vision and hope as that we become more and more mutually supportive knowing that we are all each taking on a piece of the huge collective gaping wound and for it to heal, we need to band together, just like skin would or a broken bone.

We are called to different places of that wound and our greatest purpose is to step up to it with the willingness to transform it and heal it, rather than go into denial or mask it with a harmful programing or escape mechanism.

The collective programming is to stay divided and not go deep -- moving towards Ascension comes with the willingness to override the disconnect.


Just cause I am all about the Mother energy, doesn't mean I am a feminist (that is an engineered movement) or a Pagan who worships the Goddess and Nature (which I do appreciate) - this is who we are, its there for us to embody, rather than overly externalize. I embrace the Divine Masculine and Feminine within myself and within all and our capacity to unite in the face of constant threats and outer turmoil. I am all about balance. When does loving Nature and the Mother become something we shouldn't do? Many have been taught to shun that idea.

I am not a part of any particular group or religion or belief system other than looking at the obvious and exploring what my intuition tells me and what my journey has been trying to make clear and then I go and see what is out there that can back it up and bring more of an explanation to it. Those who are part of groups, religions or worship scenarios, should do what they like - as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, it can serve one until it doesn't serve them anymore.

The Essenes, Cathar lines and the real Templars understood Soul Alchemy and protected the Goddess, they knew how to be a Christed being and wished to share it, they understood these principles from the inside out. They may have had names for themselves, but amidst War and the perversion of all that is Sacred, the contrast amplified their presence -- they got seriously harmed and their information and teachings destroyed. This has crippled the Masculine as well and created an epidemic of Negative Ego -- massive imbalance and the degradation of all we see in our environment and humanity.

Excited and grateful to be on retreat in the Redwoods and then off to the New Living Expo!

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