25 April 2018

New Lemuria ~ Celia Fenn ~ 24 April 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

I am sure that you can feel the very gentle and beautiful Pleiadean energy slipping through and being received by the Earth.

In the North...the energy of Spring is expressing itself in warmth and renewal. In the South it is the rich abundance of autumn and the coming of gentle and much needed rains.

The Earth rejoices in this beautiful and abundant energy that comes through the Taurus Star Gate. It is here that we feel the attraction of our energy and our focus, and the deep desire to create harmony and beauty and peace. We feel a rising need to celebrate Nature and the beauty and diversity of our Planetary home.

We may feel the need to dance or paint....or engage is some form of creative expression.

The Earth needs this from us. She does not need more conflict, fear and anxiety.

Many thousands of years ago when the Babylonians took over the Sacred year, they changed it to suit their military ambitions. They changed the first house of the year from the male as farmer to the male as warrior. And then they inflated that energy so that it took over the Taurus gate energy and distracted people from the celebration of the Goddess and the Divine Feminine, and so soon she was forgotten and the Warriors and their wars became central to society.

It is time to reclaim the Sacred Year and the place of the Divine Feminine and the gift of the Pleiadean transmissions that are gifted to the Earth at this time.

By aligning with beautiful Lemurian energies we can help to create a New Earth that will also be a New Lemuria...... a Paradise Garden.

I keep humming these words to myself the last few days....

"We are starlight, we are golden...and we have to get ourselves back to the garden......"
See you in the garden , Starlights!

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