08 April 2018

Nothing Happened....Again.... ~ The Council & Ron Head ~ 2 April 2018

Sound advice. My own 2012 December Solstice "experience" taught me not to place everything in specific dates given out, which is why I always caution readers here to give the highest intention for it to occur but don't hold your breath. We still have so much to do, and sometimes I do feel some concern when I read about people spending so much of their time chasing dates or intel, being caught in the long-running loop of "next Friday" or "end of this month" or "this coming Monday". But the biggest price to pay for believing these set-ups is the loss of faith in the Light.

On that note, I'd like to briefly make a comment about the collective data summarised by Allison Coe in her QHHT sessions about The Event and the time period of March 2018. I don't doubt that her clients tapped into The Event, but specific time-frames....perhaps that may be a bit off due to the nature of Time being linear here in our reality right now.

Source: Oracles & Healers

And now, by your reckoning, you enter the mindspace of April. That is all it is, you know, mindspace. You are using a concept of passing time to explain something you do not yet understand. This is an error, but it is not the error we wish to discuss today.

If you will allow us, we will revisit some things that we have explained in the past, point out their relevance, and get a bit pointed in our recommendations.

In spite of the urging of many of our communications through this channel and others, you attached dates – imaginary markers in mindspace, remember? – to the expectation of happenings that we informed you were in your near future in a perceivable set of probabilities.

When you do this, many go into a heightened state of anticipation that something is approaching that will at last solve all of their problems. And therein lies what you call ‘the rub’. The collective field is still influenced by enough “at last I’ll be saved” to overwhelm the growing “we’ve got this. Let’s change it!”

Now, this does not change anything. It does somewhat reduce the ‘magnetism’ of your rising frequencies.

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  1. Dear Grace,

    There actually was a lot that happened in March, just not out in the public eye, so the title of this article is a bit misleading and makes all us earthbound ones sound like suckers.

    It is natural for us to get excited about these possibilities and the energy it builds up actually helps things move forward. And the response to this that I observed was one of cautious optimism, not over the top excitement. Which means we are evolving in leaps and bounds, and I wish someone would address that instead of saying that nothing happened again, because it did, just not out in the public eye.

    Anyway, thanks for your wonderful blog and Many Blessings...

    1. Dear Shaunie, you brou ght up a valid point. With the rate of progress currently, there is no such thing as "nothing is happening" in the sense to which you are referring. Just like 2012, plenty "happened" and I also wrote about it back then.

      However, what we specifically mean is The Event itself, which was heavily touted to occur in the "first quarter of 2018" which many said would be March.

      Thank you for dropping by and Blessings :)