15 April 2018

On-Going Meditations and Reminder for Peace Meditation

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It's Sunday, which means we have our Weekly Ascension Meditation. For on-going meditations and details, please check in at We Love Mass Meditations.

The Peace Meditation is also coming up, Monday morning my local time, 10+ hours away. The guided audio in English is here; if you check the description box, you will see a list for audios in other languages.

I suggest downloading the audio if possible, just in case too many people access it live when the time comes.

From Cobra:

A very informative article about our Peace Meditation with many audio, video and interactive assistance tools is available here:

You can join our meditation in real time on COEO here:

A sharable facebook post about the meditation is here:

And the facebook event here:

Victory of the Light!

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