25 April 2018

Rick Jewers Update ~ 24 April 2018

Source: Rick Jewers

You are being prepared for a series of New 5D Timelines that begin on April 29th. To take certain positions on these New Timelines, each SOUL has been given many tests of late and the opportunities to Master the fears and negativities. Once You accept that fear and negativities only exist around You because You give Your consent to that, then You are also endowed with the Knowledge that You may WITHDRAW Your consent from all such experiences, change the polarity and Master them.

When One ALLOWS for negative and fear based things to bother, control them, then they become DISEMPOWERED. Use Your Knowledge and abilities to reverse this and Master it. Nothing negative matters to Your future, address it in this Now from a fearless state.

You are presently being supplied with a grateful amount of Light to assist You in these Timely important Masteries, stand strong and put the finishing touches upon Your Divinity. Once there is only virtue in Your Heart, with the absence of fear, of which fear includes the feel for the need to protect, irritation, impatience, frustration etc, You begin to Create outward experiences for Yourself that are foundational in purity and absent of the contaminants of fear. Once accomplishing this, negativity nor fear cannot happen in Your immediate surroundings NOR be perpetrated upon You. Stand as the Beacon You are beside the Leagues of Heaven, You are more than You were lead to believe as a Human, let those worn out beliefs no longer restrict.

Love and Light

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