09 April 2018

Rick Jewers Update ~ 8 April 2018

Source: Rick Jewers

The current trend continues for many. One main feature of this current trend, is the rising of each Ones "fears" that must be dealt with Now, to enable them to move forward. For those of You purging these inner fears, by bringing them to the surface and turning them into experiences, You are given the opportunity to eradicate these deepest fears, once and for all. You will also come out of this with the innerstanding that fear period, no longer serves You in Your futures, and also blatantly realize how fear is truly a restriction, an unfavorable manipulation, an anchor keeping You from Ascending higher and a control upon You.

The Human experience is just that, to experience things from a status quo Human perspective, when it is time to move forward, beyond Human, when You become "sick and tired" of the old, when You become "bored", You find Your way out. These current fear meetings for You are the last stumbling blocks before another Higher Shift forward.

The timing of the next Shift forward, depends UPON You. To raise once again, the entire vibration upon Gaia, Each One of YOU Must raise Your vibration higher. The current "charge" of the frequencies are negative, to assist You with seeing Your inner fears and to innerstand that You CAN and WILL Master the control these fear constructs had upon You. This current negative "charge" will stay in place until You Master these current fear-based experiences/situations. You CANNOT ignore nor escape these current fear experiences, they MUST be resolved and Mastered by You by integrating the Higher Knowledge into what is really happening with You. They will NOT go away until they are Mastered by You, You CANNOT hide from them and they will continue to reappear in rapid succession until You deal with them, Master them.

To the greatest extreme, these current heavy fear situations are happening with the original 144,000, it is TIME to move forward. The Other several million that have also attained a "144,000" status, are also being tested with their fears, to allow them to move forward another notch as well, but not at such a complicated level as the original 144k.

You MUST Trust Yourself and Your connection to Source/Creator/God to get You through this. You MUST replace the deepest fear with Trust in Yourself and God, there is NO other way. This is ALL ABOUT You stepping into Your Higher Power and Role. You CANNOT run and hide as a Human, from Your Divinity. Your Soul NOW has the driver's seat and it takes You where You NEED to go, and in short order, because the time is NOW. We are NOT going to give You more of Your Divine Prowess in these lower Timelines, UNTIL You cleanse Your Energetic Fields and Manifestation Streams of Thought, of the fear/negative based thoughts. You are here to CREATE positive virtuous themes and experiences, which changes this Now into a Higher Experience, You will NOT receive Your further Prowess, while Your Creation abilities are still contaminated with fear.

Some of You have Mastered most of the significant fears You had and are NOT being hit by this current "charge" in such a way. You see and feel the results and impact it is having upon Others, but are quite able to not let it adversely affect You.HOWEVER, You continuously assist Others by giving them the information and keys they require, to Master this Time themselves. You are here to turn students into teachers, just as You were turned into a teacher, the goal is to have ALL teachers, and at that point, a label such as "student" or "teacher", is NO longer required, and ALL become ONE. When One teacher turns 30 students into teachers, You blatantly see the Massive Rapid effect You Create.

For ALL of the purposes above and in everything You do here, You have been given, countless signs for this Time. Most profoundly and more notable, were Your "meetings" with Light Beings, Jesus, and God in the physical, in Your reality. You were given these Profound experiences mostly for THIS TIME, so that YOU would NOT doubt and have the utmost idea of what is happening upon the planet at this MOST SPECIAL TIME. Any of You visited by Your Light Comrades are of the original 144k and any visited after 2012 by Light Comrades are those that made the choice at the Soul level, to be One in the same, as the 144k, the Overall Collective, or, the Christ Consciousness. The 144k is NOW actually in the millions, present upon Gaia.

Your "Light" visitations are parts of Your tools to assist Others and move this Ascension forward. You are to OPENLY share these visitations with Others and continue to break down the conditioned mentality of Humans, that these "Light" experiences were results of "imagination" or a sickness. The ignorance of the Human conditioning in respect to this, MUST be overcome, have NO reserves. You MUST share what You Know, and OWN it. Some of You have had witnesses to Your "Light Being" encounters, include these witnesses as validation to this reality.

Many of the Powerful Females were first visited by their "Light" when they just Children, this imprint was placed there for THIS NOW. Society CANNOT denounce Your Child experiences as Imaginary NOW, as WE go forward, they have little choice, but as to believe and Know that it was/is connected to something much bigger, and that in fact, it is CLOSER to REALITY than this illusion they have been existing within.

To assist with this NOW, We offer.

1. Do NOT have preconceived notions that as a result of You speaking Your Truth and facing Your fears, that things turn out unfavorable, uncomfortable. Instead, KNOW that it FREES You my reacting/acting this way. Know that You are in unprecedented times and those old outcomes no longer have power and that NEW outcomes occur based upon Your Truth and Trust, and Divinely supported to the degree of Your Trust frequency.

2. There is NO Human experience that CANNOT overcome.

3. You are a Chosen One to Create more Chosen Ones ,and change everything here, but first, You must enable Your Divine Prowess to Higher Degrees.

4.Remember ALL of Your SIGNS and have NO doubt.

5. Practice ALL virtue and conceal nothing, no deceit nor misrepresentation/nonvirtuous manipulation.

6.You must end this scary movie so that You may move unto the next, the Love story.

7. Do NOT project any negativity or negative thoughts into Your futures while dealing with these present fear situations You have before You. Everything here, is not as it seems, and it gets better...

Love and Light

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