10 April 2018

Rick Jewers Update ~ 9 April 2018

Source: Rick Jewers

OK, enough "selfies", back to business.

This upcoming week has the remnants of Dark resistance very busy and distracted from the Ones just breaking through the intense conditioning.Because of the rapid IMPLOSION upon them, their hands are full. For each One that Awakens, they become weaker and weaker, allowing for the genuine seeds planted long ago, to grow into the pure unaltered New.

You are becoming very close to exiting the old movie stage, while You write the 5D scripts. This week will cause many more to Awaken to higher states of consciousness, You CAN assist as they begin their stagger out of the drunken states. You have been greatly informed and briefed on what has actually been happening on the planet, YOU have the immediate answers for the questions they will be asking, You have the pointing finger to guide them to the proof.

Expect to be seeing more reports of profound experiences as the planetary vibration will be wildly fluctuating, between more than one timeline, one dimension. The air is ripe for Magic, the air is ripe for Merlins (Merlins are not gender specific, ;) ) Faeries and Elementals are within reach at most times this upcoming week. You may gauge what dimension You are in, 4D OR 5D, by the usual signs that You use to distinguish Your dimensional whereabouts.

This week will also take some of the pressure off the higher waves that are dealing with their last aspects of fear. You will have a "cocoon" from outside interferrence as You work on transmuting all that no longer serves You, the fear. This sanctuary will give You the time You need to go within, real deep, and purge the depths, so that You may look at it, analyze it, and Master it. YOU ALL have this ability and results will vary individually, but YOU ALL get through it at some point. Remain persistent, with the intent in Your heart, to dominate and take control over any fear aspects You may have deep inside. Nothing really matters in the 4D Timelines, in the blink of an eye, ALL reality can change and You WILL SEE that there was NOTHING to ever fear about this existence in this Now. You are a spaceship that can transcend time and space, remember that,

Love and Light

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