12 April 2018

Rick Jewers Updates ~ 11 April 2018

Couple of updates here.

Source: Rick Jewers

As the temporary timeline transitions into the higher frequency, the effects are indicated globally by noticeable out of place earthquakes.

New electromagnetic grid lines, with an amplitude established, are configured by rerouting the magmatic chambers of the Earth, or You may say, rerouting Gaia's veins. This is being done around the entire body of Gaia, with the most attention put on the areas of higher inhabitation, or Human Footprint. Mostly the Antarctic and Arctic areas had minimal impact from extracting minerals, oil, and gas and the waterways have not been altered, therefore, heavier rerouting of the energetic veins is not required in these areas.

The magmatic and hydrothermal fluids are the blood of Gaia, it keeps her alive as the Sentient Being You Know. She Ascended in 2012 to a temporary timeline with You intact. She Ascended from then, the apocalyptic destruction of Her Being, that was caused by depleting the electromagnetic grid. Her old body did a pole reversal but did NOT stop, ending the 3D.

So, to stabilize Gaia in the NEW, and for Her Frequency to match the Higher Dimensions, She, like You, had to evolve within, and just as some of Your neuropathways were reconfigured, Gaia's inner pathways must be reconfigured as well.

As we transition further into the 5D Timelines, the need for mining and extracting unrenewable resources will end, as the New technologies are introduced. These New technologies are already here for the transition, with more to be quickly introduced as Gaia Ascends through the 5D.

So no catastrophic Timelines in 5D for You and Gaia, ALL were saved in 2012.

Love and Light

**~**   **~**   **~**   **~**   **~**   **~**

The ever-upward spiral of Ascension for You.

Keep shaking off what no longer serves, the Lighter You become, and the Higher You Rise. You raise in vibration as well as perspective. You rise above the clouds, in thought and form, thought goes first, then form follows. Your thought is the Scout, guided by the Soul, guided by Your Heart. Your thought brings back the knowledge to the physical body to allow it to Ascend with Your Essence.Follow the intuition, follow the whims, for they come from a Higher Place.

Meet all of Your fears head on, take them by the horns, and Master them. Upon Mastering the fear, You separate Yourself from that energy spectrum and can more readily focus on the Higher Quotients, bringing more and more, into Your present reality. You are victorious over the fear, bring that victory, into this Now. For every One that does, reality changes, Timelines changes, to Higher calibers of Being and experiencing. YOU, Create the good change, supported by All of Divinity.Not only do Angels have Your back, but, aspects of You from origin assist with this Now. Time nor Space restricts You, once that You Know it does not. It is then, that You transcend at more of a will, practice does assist.

Love and Light

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