08 April 2018

Sacred Geometry and Creation ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 7 April 2018

Some sources (eg. Lisa Renee) hold differing perspectives about the Fibonacci Spiral, and instead offers the Krystal Spiral as the authentic architecture of living Creation, as opposed to anti-Life Entropic existence.

As with many things, I see the point offered in both angles (blame the Libran in me). Considering that we are going through a massive Cosmic Reset (and also this part of our Universe has had Primary Anomaly inadvertently and tragically woven into the fabric of Creation), perhaps the Krystal Spiral is the new creation building code for our new reality?

Whatever the case may be, go with your Higher Guidance.

Source: Meg Benedicte

Sacred Geometry contains embedded intelligence that forms the building-blocks of Creation in our Universe, evidenced in growing plants, the orbit of planets, the proportions of the human body, and the structure of crystals. The eternal spin of ether vortexes relies on sacred geometry to maintain stability in the universe.

The only way energy waves continue moving in a circle as ‘mass creators’ is when there exists a force of continual motion that keeps them attracted to the zero point center without cancellation. The Torus shape of the Quantum Vortex can be perfectly manifested by a set of Phi spirals. The Phi spiral is constructed from a series of 12 harmonics with wavelengths that comply with the Golden Mean (Sacred Geometry of Phi) version of the Fibonacci sequence: 1.618.

As a result of the Golden Ratio harmonics, two new additional waves will be created that are again in the Fibonacci series – so the non-destructive interference will simply result in more harmonics in the Fibonacci series. The Phi spiral is the ONLY possible wavelength that can re-enter itself around the Torus shape without destroying itself. So the Phi spiral is the universe’s only possible way to nest and become self-organizing (Fractal). When you experience that perfect connectivity of electrical waves flowing in heart coherence, in the Phi harmonic spiral – you have achieved Bliss! This is the alchemy of Creation!

Quantum Access™ initiates the general physics blueprint of all unit life – atomic, cosmic or biological, and more specifically that of conscious perception of a mechanical world, all are essentially Golden Ratio fractal – for this is their energy source. Read more about my healing technique:

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