18 April 2018

Sasquatch Multidimensional Shamanism, Chapter 1: Origins ~ SunBôw ~ 15 April 2018

Another summary of our Galactic past and heritage, this time from SunBow. Although parts of this chapter have been covered in previous Sasquatch books from Kamooh and SunBow, there's new information presented as well.

Perhaps it's worthwhile to mention that, from this historical account, we can understand why the Reptilians claim "ownership" over the Planet. In fact, this aspect was cleverly written into a few episodes of Doctor Who (with Matt Smith) where an entire population of Reptilians in stasis deep underground was accidentally awakened. They clearly considered Humans to be trespassers.

SunBow has written here also that the pyramid complexes were built by the Lizard-People. Maybe this is why some sources have a belief that pyramids are connected to negative Reptilians, equating the domestic Reptilians with the negative extra-terrestrial ones. (Hhowever, Cobra has reported in his Operation Mjolnir that the Illuminati Breakaway Complex has teamed up with domestic Dracos and Reptilians as well as with their negative ET counterparts.)

Let us start with the origins. Without the memory of its origins, a species is like a tree without roots. We need to remember our origins to understand who we are and the purpose of our long term evolution. This is why today, Humanity is so confused and lost, because of the loss of knowledge of its origins, that has been caused gradually through internal decadence, due to outside influences from some non-Human intelligent entities who have enslaved Humankind, erasing traces and memories of the past.

That some entities, incarnated or not, are malevolent and evil, is not a matter of debate among shamans. It is rather often their lot to deal with those disturbing energies, to face, neutralize or repell them. Spiritualists and healers know that their work involves protecting, preventing and curing many evils. They are aware of their role as spiritual warriors, defenders of justice, in the great cosmic psychic war. For them, there is no question whether threatening or dangerous entities exist or not: it is a known fact.

Likewise, the Council of Star Elders, presided by the Eldest Elders, is acting in permanence to maintain the Cosmic Order with Peace and balance, by activating and mentoring the development of worlds, which includes at times interventions, to neutralize or expel destructive powers threatening evolution. Destructive forces are also part of the natural law and cosmic balance of this limited plane of duality. Yet, spiritual wisdom, with the virtuous way of dharma, is to protect and promote life and its evolution. This is because creation has a purpose, it is part of a greater divine plan, for all consiousness to ascend.

Everything that has a beginning in linear space-time must also have an end; it is the nature of existence. This is precisely why this physical dimension has been created, for the souls who had lost their original purity and innocence of the Oneness Consciousness, and separated themselves into individual egos, with their own free will and destiny, to be able to exist and evolve through mortality and reincarnation. Through this long evolution process, they learn to find their way back to the Oneness Consciousness.

For this reason and purpose, the Star Elders Council has been appointed since its creation aeon ago, to watch over the development of worlds, by favoring the evolution of biodiversity and of consciousness. The evolution of worlds is a long term process extending over billions of years, which requires constant vigilance and regular interventions, to keep the karmic balance between physical and spiritual realms. We explained in the previous books, especially in the first one, how the Star Elders develop the worlds. We will not repeat here in the details, but will revise the greater picture of this whole evolution process.

It starts when a young planet emerges from its star and condenses into a mass, with its own Soul entity. Within its womb, the newly born home-planet carries a reservoir of souls in gestation, in deep lethargy. This early gazeous phase of creation, unsuited for bilogical life, can only offer shelter to astral bodies. The consciousness level is comparable to that of a deep sleep, with occasional episodes in dream state. It is similar to the state of an embryo that does not have a soul attached, but is visited by one at times. During this first phase, Star Elders only hover and watch without intervening, as souls slowly emerge.

When gazes cool off and condense into a liquid form, biological evolution can start, since water is life. Young souls can then start to take physical bodies, in very rudimentary and simple life forms, at first. The level of consciousness of those life forms is comparable to that of a fetus, that can from time to time host a soul in a lethargic state, which gradually starts using its body and react to outside stimuli, yet they are without self-awareness, floating in a dream time, unable to perceive what is around them.

This is how the Star Elders planted some of those life forms and appointed gardeners: the Elementals. The initial cell theory lacks the understanding of the spiritual intelligent intervention from Star Elders. The whole plan of the evolution of creation emanates from the Great Spirit Creator or Universal Consciousness, yet it is carried in the different planes, through a wide diversity of cosmic co-creators. The Panspermia theory suggests that DNA travels through the cosmos on asteroids, meteors or comets. The problem is that very rare biological organisms can survive through long distance travels in space.

The spreading of DNA through the universe involves the participation of intelligent star faring species. DNA codes can also be transfered or seeded as electromagnetic information traveling on waves or rays. In other words, DNA codes are messages that can be transmitted throughout space, as data and signals. So, to implant an initial cell on a young home-planet offering a suitable environment for biological life, Star Elders can virtually transfer any DNA codes from any location in the universe, to any given planet.

The initial cell is not a random accident of Nature, it is an act of co-creation, as part of a cosmic plan. The initial cell is not either an isolated unique appearance, it is rather a massive manifestation of life. The spontaneous generation of life, reproduced in laboratories, proves that genetic codes travel beyond the physical plane on waves carrying them through space and walls, into sterilized hermetic enclosures, where primitive life forms can suddenly appear, without any contact with another outside environment.

This explains how biological life proceeds from consciousness, why it manifests suddenly in a world, and how it travels through the cosmos in its most primitive forms, with the help of the most evolved. The young souls incarnating in primitive bodies will have billions of years to evolve into higher forms. Knowing that this is how life was seeded on their own planets aeons ago, Star Elders carry on this way.

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