21 April 2018

The Beast Machine ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 19 April 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

"This Beast Machine was designed to destroy the architecture of the vertical pillar that is the Planetary Staff and to eliminate the Mother of God sophianic principle in this reality entirely. Destroying the Mother principle meant that all organic living creations would also eventually digress to become like the black hole entities, parasitic creations addicted to dead light in the matter world, hence they would exist in the AI worlds as the living dead."

We have to know the importance of the Mother for our ability to thrive as a humanity. So if you have barely pulled through and have been in tremendous pain due to the energies, this is more than likely why -- if you have devoted yourself to rescuing this, you are going to feel this in extreme ways. We will know which ET races are benevolent, based on their support of the Mother and helping us to connect with her - who resides also within. The Sacred Union between the M/F results.

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