07 April 2018

The Goddess: The Override Frequency ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 6 April 2018


Source: Laura Eisenhower

The Goddess is the override frequency and they did all they could to keep it from taking over the infiltrated Timelines. This exists within men and women. It is simply our Mother and the divine consciousness of this planet, that is finally grounded back into the Earth.

The original guardians of the Organic Ascension timeline got so heavily targeted which brought on these apocalyptic scenarios. They began to infect our creative energies and belief systems. It is the attempt of technology and dark agendas - to replace the necessary DNA upgrades and inner work, that we need to go through, to manifest the balance we need.

Some technologies are healthy and others aren’t. This is the whole point of incarnating, to find balance and right use of power, but they turned it into a harvesting frenzy. There is absolutely nothing they can do, Spirit always had the upper hand. Even though we are rehabilitating, embrace Victory!

Massive healing going on, prognosis looks beyond Amazing!!

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