08 April 2018

The Great Uncovering is Happening ~ James Gilliland ~ 5 April 2018

Source: Eceti

April is going to get crazy. The multidimensional war is coming to Earth. It has been going on for a long time but now it is escalating. Things that go bump in the night, fallen ones, serpent beings, reptilians, negative greys, low level astral beings seem to be coming out of the woodwork. Many light-workers are feeling it, some are under all-out attack. It can be overwhelming and it is time to close the doors, any openings that let them in. Lines are being drawn, the masks are coming down, choices are being made and it is a time where the wrong choices due to denial or ignorance can be deadly. There is a shell game going on, find the dark heart. Dark hearts are acting like white hats and white hats are being demonized by the dark hearts and their massive network.

There are times when the light workers feel all alone. Especially when those close to them fall or become victims of the clever unseen negative influences. These negative influences will come through friends, family, people from all walks of life with weak minds or holes in their auras due to self-serving beliefs, severe health issues, or substance abuse. Remember in most cases the negative is invited. The weak minded are also susceptible to “fake news”. If you don’t think you’re being mind-controlled watch this:

The fallen ones and their puppets have an evil genius. They know exactly what to say, can play you like a fiddle but their actions give them away. We want to believe them, depending on the degree of attachment and denial some are thrown a bone and take it because they desperately want to believe in the potential they are projecting on friends, family and lovers. If you go back and look at the actions you will realize it was a one sided or imbalanced relationship. 

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