08 April 2018

The Mass Upgrading on Planetary and Galactic Core Levels - Judith Kusel ~ 8 April 2018

This is a powerful update from Judith Kusel. If I understand her correctly, Judith is alluding to the premise that Earth wasn't originally from this Solar System, or even meant to be here. This is something that Andrew Bartzis has brought up a few times in past interviews that I've heard, especially in the early days when I first heard of him. Andrew has stated that the Dark transported Earth from another Galaxy and brought to the Milky Way.

Source: Judith Kusel

As souls we are now going through a massive re-awakening period, to a much higher degree and at much higher frequency bands than ever before. We are called back to the higher truth within our own soul, our soul mission and purpose and the reasons why we incarnated onto planet earth.

On planetary level the Earth is going through a massive galactic and solar upgrade, and thus her vibratory frequency bands are now fine-tuned to bring her in highest alignment to the galactic core. As she is thus being upgraded, we cannot afford to lag, or else we will not be able to hold life on her anymore.

As our frequency bands rises, which we can only do by raising of our consciousness, by truly tuning in galactically via our souls and not through our minds, for the mind can only stretch so far, and not further. The soul is already galactically connected through its other soul parts and soul group, and thus through them, and the Divine, can raise their own frequencies, their vibrations to match that of the planet and the galactic core.

We are entering a time of more upheavals and uncertainties, where we will be collectively challenged to truly find solutions and create a much better, higher, and more sustainable way of life on this planet. Obviously, some old things, methods, are just not working anymore. We must find new and higher ways of living and expressing life, in balance and harmony WITHIN ourselves first, before we can create this on planetary level.

Most souls will experience a turbulence at this time, which is not always expressible. It is as if one is sitting in a plane, which is experiencing vast turbulence and it almost feels as if the whole plane will disintegrate at any moment. Now, all you can do is sit this through and trust the pilots to know how to fly the plane through the turbulence safely. The Pilot in this case, is the Divine, and the Greater Cosmic Masterplan, for this planet never was, and is an entity on her own. She belongs to one of the solar systems, within the greater Milky Way Galaxy.
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  1. .. and David Wilcock: Gaia = "The Wanderer" planet which ended up here.

    1. I didn't know that DW called Gaia "The Wanderer", thanks Lee. I thought he used "Wanderers" like "Starseeds" etc. referring to people. This piece of information is interesting....