26 April 2018

The Risen Christess: Rite of the Sepulcher ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 24 April 2018

Source: Think With Your Heart

For several weeks in a row we have been bombarded with with cosmic, celestial & solar activation after activation incurring such rapid acceleration that it often felt like we didn’t have enuf time to come up for air before getting slammed with the next course of codes. The results of these tremendous light downloads have incurred so much inner-change that certain aspects of ourselves that we entered March with are no longer recognizable in April.  In fact, each of the first four months of this year felt like an entire lifetime unto itself.

From the eclipses to the equinox we have been moving thru a period of extraordinary deepening and expansion, an intensive preparation for the consecration of the Mystical Marriage.  From the equinox to Easter those prepared activated the resurrection codes for the Risen Christess thru our divine consummation, the sacred merger of our higher & lower self/feminine & masculine polarities. From Easter to the (Aries) new moon we have been integrating the activated ascension/resurrection codes in our DNA as we begin to assimilate to the new level consciousness and absorb the magnitude of what we’ve all just been thru.

Somewhere in the middle of all that we were also stymied by a very necessary neurological remapping process during Mercury’s retrograde journey…we came completely unplugged which gave each of us the ability to thoroughly disconnect and disentangle all the many cords and wires that still linked us to the old mental matrix.

The result of that massive undertaking is still unfolding, however it ultimately served to free us from all false power structures leaving us with a viable option to hook into our true Source of power…to reroute our personal life force in preparation to go wireless. 📡

So yea, 2018 has been kicking the crap out of us so far…but it’s because 1) we are ready for it and 2) to reach the frequency needed to actualize our divine blueprint (as an intricate part of THE Divine Blueprint) we have to be capable to absorb an enormous amount of light.  In this, we are rewriting the script for all of humanity, one that includes the Truth of our origins and full biological potential. ⇊

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