18 April 2018

The Tetrahedron ~ Jain 108 Mathemagics ~ 17 April 2018

Source: Jain 108 Mathemagics

TETRAHEDRON - Superior Shape

The Tetrahedron is the basic building block that underpins Creation, atomic structure, all geometries, all elements and all languages.

The Triangle (the essence of "3"ness) is the first form that can be created in 2-dimensions.

Its 3-dimensional analogue is the Triangular based Pyramid or Tetrahedron, having 4 triangular sides.

The symbol of the Triangle inscribed or embedded in the Circle, is also the Tetrahedron within the Sphere. It is perhaps the most primordial symbol of the Universe. This is because the Tetrahedron, by superimposition, can make the cube, can make the Octahedron, the Dodecahedron etc.

In physics, the Volumes and Surface Areas of the Tetrahedron inside the Sphere has various maximum and minimum triumphs above all the other shapes.

In Nature, pollen and other micro-fossils are tetrahedral, and various seeds like buckwheat are clearly designed in this shape.

When we sit and meditate, our body forms a tetrahedron!

It is thus superior in its geometric design, its utter simplicity and function, and is thus one of the best candidates to explain the mysteries of the universe.

Jain 108

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"We are nothing but a cluster of tetrahedrons"!

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