10 April 2018

The U.K.’s Bigfoot: A Monster-Sized Problem ~ Nick Redfern ~ 4 April 2018

Bolam Lake
Thanks to Wisdom from Our Elders for posting this. Great to see Nick Redfern reporting about this. He also points out that many sightings were around the Rendlesham Forest area, well-known for the UFO encounter that refuses to go away, even after all these years.

Perhaps Nick actually knows that these Beings are not of this dimension, but is unable to come right out with it?

Source: Mysterious Universe

Right now, over at the Fortean Times Appreciation page at Facebook, there is a lively debate taking place on the matter of what has become known as the “British Bigfoot.” Within Fortean circles in the U.K. there are two dominating theories when it comes to the matter of what the U.K.’s Bigfoot really is (or isn’t!). There are those who think the whole thing is complete and utter nonsense. And, there are those who believe that the U.K. really does have entire groups of Bigfoot lurking in the forests and woods of the U.K. Both groups are wrong: the truth is much stranger. As you’ll now see.

The matter of Bigfoot in the U.K. has interested me since I was a teenager. Indeed, one of the very first investigations of the cryptozoological kind that I got into revolved around a case of a Bigfoot-type beast in central England. This was back in the 1980s. The case in question was a simple one for me to investigate, as the reports surfaced from an area that was only about a thirty-minute drive from where I lived at the time. The story dates way back to January 21, 1879. That was when a man crossing Bridge 39 of the Shropshire Union Canal had a brief, late-night encounter with a hair-covered, humanoid entity. It scared the life out of the man – and out of his horse too. The shining-eyed creature became known locally as the “Man-Monkey.” Reports still surface to this day.

Bigfoot? Well.. there’s a problem. One of the weirdest aspects of the story of the Man-Monkey is that when the terrified man tried to hit the beast with his horsewhip, it went straight through the “animal.” That’s right: the Man-Monkey was definitively spectral in nature. It’s important to note that the Man-Monkey is not alone: just about every Bigfoot-type account that has surfaced in the U.K. has at least one supernatural aspect attached to it.

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