15 April 2018

The War is Won Within ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 14 April 2018

We were meant to be powerful co-creator Beings of Light. Instead of co-creating the lives we were meant to have for ourselves, we have been deceived and manipulated into creating and sustaining the reality that the dark designed, through the hijacking of our free will.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

The War is won within.

If we get entangled in the effect and not recognize the cause, the duality of War increases and the outer World keeps showing up the way it is. But just cause it is, it doesn’t mean it’s ours to try and solve. If we keep our attention on healing the root of the problem, we embody the antidote and don’t need to think much further or go into survival.

The cause is imbalance, feeding parasitic systems, allowing ourselves to stay locked into agreements with toxic energies or people.

The cause on a historical and galactic level are free-will leading to misuse of power and the contamination and manipulation of DNA, the elements and Consciousness.

The mind-control used to separate us from Mother Earth, ourselves and each other, distorting our relationship to sexual energy and union between the Masculine and Feminine.

These are things we need to call back, work on and devote ourselves to, the rest will iron itself out in the face of this. The more of us who casts our vote for the kind of Truth that our Soul understands and is longing for, the sweeter life is bound to get!

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