28 April 2018

Time of Spiraling: The Call to Sacred Contractual Work ~ Essence Katha'ras ~ 26 April 2017

Source: Shamnahalla New Earth

The Call to Sacred Contractual Work
NOW, under this Scorpio Full Moon, is the time to send forth “The Call” to reunite with Group Collective Conscious Minds in which you are under Sacred Contract with to Work in Service for the ONE.

In October of 2013 I received a Message from A Universal Elder of this NOW: An Emissary from the Field of Consciousness of the Infinite Potentiality, meant to be shared with the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. You can read that message using this link.

On Sunday, April 22nd, 2018 I received another message meant to be shared with the Collective. It is as follows…
 “Worlds are ending
Realties are melting away
This is how it should be
This is movement upon the New Firma Matter, (Sacred Cosmic Terra Matter), spoken of by the (A) Universal Elder “Of things to Come”; those (things) whose seeds were planted so long ago at the time of the “First Gathering” of (by) those who have Dedicated a portion of their Eternal Existence to the Manifesting of Collective Realities and the Worlds Created within them.
NOW is simply the “Time of the Spiraling of the Changing of the Guardians of Eternity”.
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