17 April 2018

Wake Up, Children of the Light ~ Steve Ahnael Nobel

Thanks to  Meg Benedicte for posting this.

Source: Steve Ahnael Nobel

We are at an important point in the ascending 5D timeline. On the old 3D timeline this is the point where a major war was due to kick off. This is confusing for many who still believe in Armageddon. War is a thing of the past. We cannot create peace through more military interventions.

Our world is shifting. Consciousness is shifting. Eventually this will be reflected in our global political leadership. There are those that believe Trump will somehow dismantle the Deep State. Both evangelical Christians and New Agers. Hopefully, these people will also soon wake up to the fact that no individual is here to save the world. There is no world Avatar coming to save the planet. The world will be saved and then reinvented by a wave of beings incarnating who come with the potential to awaken a higher consciousness.

We are at the dawning of a new era. To enter that new era we must awaken to our multidimensional consciousness. Our job is to shine a light in the darkness. Our light will reveal all that is hidden and banish all that is dark in the world.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Wake up children of the light.

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