10 April 2018

We Are One With All In Existence ~ Hilda van der Laan ~ 6 April 2018

Well said, Hilda van der Laan!


Earth has leylines and stargates through which source energy flows,so do we.The leyline grid in your body is called your meridian system and the stargates are called your chakras.Through the meridiansystem the chakras are connected and powered by source energy(plasma).Through the leylines mother earth's stargates are connected and empowered.

We are a transmitters an receivers of source energy.Suns of Go(o)d.

The sun of hollow earth provides the upwards dna activating energy spiral and our outer sun provides the downwards dna activating spiral.Both spirals meet in the heartspace activating the same energy:your inner source of wisdom.From your heart source energy flows to every cel in your body to activate it's alike:a needle point of source energy in the centre of every cell,around which the atomes circle: a miniature solar system

We are ONE with mother earth and the universe

We only have dormant dna(cristalline data/inner knowledge to be activated.That is happening now.Keep watching what the sun is doing.Source provides the energy for ascension.We want ascension and the sun is giving us energy to open all codes,lifting mother earth out of the low vibrations

In terms of energy we act and mother earth follows

We act as accupuncture needles to activate/upgrade her meridiansystem by staying aligned to source in the heartspace

The sun is a stargate through which source energy flows into this solar system

The blackhole is an exit(exodus) out of the lower dimensions and an entrance to a higher dimensions
It is as simple as that..stay in your heart an be happy(heart) that your a being full consious...the being you were before the full of Atlantis.We had to earn that status AGAIN and rectify the past and it's choices

Only be aware of the fact to use your chakra system as an expression of LOVE..Check is you use your chakraystem the right way and change.

chakra charts:


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