19 April 2018

"We Come From The Future"....

That phrase, or variations thereof, has been used rather frequently in channelled messages, especially by higher-dimensional Beings from other Star systems ~ Barbara Marciniak's "Bringers of the Dawn" is one that comes to mind. Channelled messages aside, there is also the belief in general UFO circles that all ETs are us, from the future, and for this, I can quote James Penniston of the Rendlesham Forest incident as an example:
"They’re not aliens. They’re us. From the future – our future."
I will admit that I've never been comfortable with this "future" claim. It isn't about time-travel, it's simply that I don't believe that all ET encounters are from "the future". This, to me, implies and reinforces the deep deception that there is no extraterrestrial life out there. No such thing. Because there are no aliens, "they are just us, from the future....our future."

Recently, I started (keyword: "started") reading Magenta Pixie's "Divine Architecture & the Starseed Template". I haven't gotten very far at all, not because the book isn't good, but simply because my life has gotten too complex for my liking.

Anyway, in the first few pages, the Nine explain this very concept, of coming "from the future". I really like their account because it makes perfect sense to me and for the first time, I can accept that phrase.

Here's the gist of what they said:
These Beings are from the 5th and above. We are (technically) at 3rd. In terms of linear time expression, the dimensions above us are in "the future". Based on this simple pretext, all these higher-dimensional Beings are from "the future", because we haven't yet "arrived" at 5D or higher. That's in our future.

I love that explanation. I just hope I summarised it clearly enough :)