01 April 2018

What's Your Flavour? ~ Part 2

Perspective ~ from Nassim Haramein's post
This is Part 2 because I wrote something with the same title about 6 years ago for my newsletter. I have to title this the same thing because it's addressing the same theme, but from a very different perspective. The title refers to ice-cream flavours and choosing one that's your all-time favourite.

I sometimes like to start my "Just Me" post with what I feel about myself and the current energetic situation, so that's what I'll do now.

It's been very painful to feel into what's happening to the external "reality". The energetic foundations of the distorted world has been wrecked and weakened so much, we can actually feel the chaotic collective despair that's risen dramatically this year. And because we still have energies of Duality at the moment, we find that at the other end of the scale is the exaggerated grandiose and aggrandisement of those who are hellbent on sustaining and prolonging the final act of a grossly distorted devolutionary saga that has been running on borrowed time for far too long.

The external reality feels different yet again. There is a sense of fragility about it ~ either the sense that the old reality has become very vulnerable, or the birth of a new one that needs to be carefully nurtured into beingness.

The energy streams are continuing to come in fast and furious, and omigoddess are we feeling them keenly. One foot in front of the other, keep going....

Not only are we being diligently bombarded with escalating high-frequency Divine Cosmic energies designed to place Humanity back on track, but we are also simultaneously being inundated with data coming out on a daily basis that's intended to guide and assist us. It sometimes feel like pressure cookers of massive data are being served up consistently, and there is a frenetic rush to consume as much of it as possible.

The best we can do where intel is concerned is to discern, discern and then discern some more, if keeping track of it is what we are after.

I would like to focus more on non-intel information/guidance, of which there is no short supply either. I'm going to be thinking out loud about how I look at all the different sources who are carrying out their much-appreciated services in full dedication to assist Humanity through this transition.

I am aware that many sometimes feel confused after following certain guidance. Perhaps it didn't work for them, or they do not fully resonate with it, or they just simply see it from a different perspective.

This is the "What's Your Flavour" that I'm talking about. We need to remember that not all of us come from the same place of Soul origin. If we feel fully into our own Higher Guidance, we will accept that everyone will gravitate towards what "pulls" them the strongest. Especially since the past several months, when we've been activated so much in so many ways, layer after layer after layer. Many are getting very strong impulses coming from our cellular memories and seeking out guidance that align well with their frequencies. Pleiadian Souls will feel called to Pleidian causes, Sirians to Sirius sources etc.

Even then, everything is so complex, nothing is cut-and-dried. For example, someone could be a Lyran Soul but spent the past couple of lifetimes carrying out significant mission work in Sirius, so they have a fairly strong Sirian energy overlay. Or in this current lifetime, an Arcturian Soul could have contracted to work with Andromedans to complete some mission. Or even without knowing your Soul origin, you could be looking at 5D guidance from a 8D perspective, and therefore don't agree with the information. You get the drift.

We have to accept that not all available guidance is meant for us, and feel okay with this thinking, even if everyone else is jumping with excitement over it.

Everyone knows that a watermelon-pineapple-lime juice graced with a generous dollop of fresh coconut cream and a dash of ginseng will do wonders for your health. It's chock full of nutrients, but it's not for everyone. There will be many who simply cannot stomach the concoction. Not only that, but if you look at it from an Ayurvedic point of view, this cocktail may not even be suitable for certain constitutions or doshas.

So please do not be disheartened if you find yourself not being in agreement with some major guidance. Not everything is for everyone. We just need to align and connect with our Divinity, stand in our own sacred space of power, be comfortable with our own core essence, own our origin and shine like never before 💖

Having said all of that, I will now proceed to strongly suggest that we don't get too caught up with all of these "labels" ~ Starseed, Indigo, First/Second/Third Wavers etc because they can also be very limiting to our experience and sense of purpose. I feel that we should just get on with what we are guided to do, and not stay stuck within illusionary boundaries and "templates" that labels often demand. And if I may say so, these labels have a propensity to lead to egotism/elitism and distract from the actual purpose at hand.

Always remember that we are a Divine Spark of Source, all of us. Let's do whatever we can, within our capability, to increase the Light Quotient in ourselves and on our beautiful Planet, each and every day.

Namaste and Blessings!

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