06 April 2018

Who We Truly Are ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 5 April 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Every ability out there that we wish we had, we still do.

Some things hide under a rock, some things sink within a shell, doesn't mean we aren't part of a larger orchestra or supreme awareness or ability. Protection isn't negation. There is nothing that any of us are lacking.

What we bring to expression is to activate in others. What doesn't get expressed, we may hold near and dear and want more as a personal and Sacred experience to integrate. We all have our different comfort levels when it comes to energies. Some want to anchor it into community, some may feel more of an affinity towards home, working with the Earth and what it means to create a divine space, some maybe will focus it more on relationship dynamics, some self development, some adventure and travel, some career, some life-style -- but together we remind each other of what it means to be Whole!!!

All those things count. In this incarnation juncture it is hard to include them all without spreading ourselves to thin. But we are getting there anyway, as lower density starts to lighten up!!!

Don't we want all of who we are available to our physical World and feel the full picture? Right now it may be stepping stones, but soon enough it will feel like total embodiment. Sovereign self!

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