22 May 2018

5D Shift: New Phase Activated: Unwinding the Karmic Construct ~ Open ~ 21 May 2018

Source: Open Hand

As we pass through the Inflexion Point between the Old Paradigm and the New, the influx of vibrant energy pulls on the tethering of the old Karmic Construct, progressively unraveling it. From past experience, there comes a point, where the old reality becomes fundamentally untenable in any kind of fixed state. The Deva underpinning it - in this case Gaia - reaches the point of no return, and signals her readiness to begin withdrawing energy from the old construct. It is my conviction, that the ongoing shifts in tectonic plates, as illuminated by the Hawaii Kilauea Volcano eruption, indicate we're passing through that milestone.

What will it mean?

The Karmic Construct

All reality condenses into form from the surrounding Quantum Soup, based on the need to explore various karmic lessons. Sentient life manifests a crucible, through which to learn, evolve and grow. Any such construct has great possibility for illumination through expression. And crucially, all reality constructs have inherent instability woven into their very fabric; they will inevitably decay over time, unleashing bound up consciousness, so it may shift to higher vibrations, thereby forming a new harmonic construct - it's how life progressively evolves.

Plenty of the karmic lessons each soul has set before them will be unique to the individual, but there will also be key ones that are common, and thereby connect sentient life into groups of inquiry. Here are some of the key ones that I see happening on Earth...
  • How to stay connected to the divine flow, whilst in a strongly engaging physical density
  • How to create and experience life's bounteous wonders, yet not to exploit or cause unnecessary harm
  • How to mutually support as a group, yet integrate personal soul sovereignty, evolving as an individual
  • How to experience Intervention through the Field, and yet align with the souls evolving integrational path
  • How to cherish and respect all life, without judging, controlling or manipulating
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