02 May 2018

A Channelled Message from the Group Called "The Light" ~ Suzanne Spooner ~ 30 April 2018

Brief and inspiring message, timely encouragement.

Source: TAUK

Hello Suzy. {Hello, how should I address you?] You can call us The Light. [Lovely. I am happy to connect with you.] As are we. We want to let you know this: The planet is in a state of transition from the belief of the shift to the knowing of the shift. (The feeling came with this of what it’s like to know you have been given a job vs now being comfortable in the job and the tasks that it involves.)

The planet is in a moment of flux and would like all to know how much it appreciates the work and energy so many humans are giving to assist it in transformation. Every thought, feeling and deed of love and support to the earth is known and recognized.

The upgrade that is happening now is opening portals of light to bring in higher energy. This in turn will be felt as clearer thinking and easier manifestation.

It is imperative, to those who are aware, to be mindful of your lower vibrations. Please let go of fear, unhappiness and anger. All feelings will manifest quicker now. Focus on forgiveness of others to allow more energy to be used for the benefit of self and All. For those who harbor ill will or thoughts towards other or self, life will become more challenging. Let it go.

Play with the higher energy by sending clear thoughts and feelings of what you desire. Have a calm and appreciative heart while doing so. Everyone’s time on earth and in this life is just a brief blip in relation to Now. Find the beauty in what is around you.

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